Letter from the Editor

Dear MCSM Students,

Welcome to the 2013/2014 edition of The MCSM Rampage!

We are currently looking for writers interested in the following columns, cultural reviews, or feature stories:

· School Events: Do you love attending school events such as our multicultural festival, talent/fashion shows, parties, club events and more? Are you interested in reporting these events? Then come write for us!

· Reviews: Do you have strong positive opinions on recent books, movies, and music? Are you always that one person who says, “I knew of that rapper before he was famous!”? Well if you are a person who is frequently on top of today`s entertainment then come join us!
· Lifestyle: Are you passionate about fashion or food? Would you like to interview interesting people in MCSM? Are you connected to information sources you can share with our students on college careers and preparation? Share what you know with The Rampage!
· News: Politics, global issues, new scientific discoveries, the economy, new technology, NYC events…are these topics you would love to analyze and explore for us?
· Arts: Do you create music, short stories, poems, or art? Or maybe you build and program robots or computers in your spare time? Share these creative projects with us!
· Sports: Are you a fan or even a member of one of MCSM`s teams such as soccer, bowling, volleyball, tennis, baseball, or basketball team? Maybe you have a strong opinion on the latest basketball or major league baseball game? Well come have a ball with us on the Newspaper team!

If you are interested in joining the team or want to send us your work, please email me at mcsmrampage@gmail.com.

One of my main objectives this year is to involve a good number of committed underclassmen to be a part of this newspaper so it can continue to thrive after I graduate. Remember colleges are looking for students who are dedicated each year to clubs they join. However, we gladly accept MCSM students of all grades. I hope you use the MCSM Rampage as a positive outlet for expression. I have a lot planned for the first upcoming newspaper team and the school. On that note, I wish everyone the best this year, and go Rams!


Kiara Ventura