Dear XYZ,How can I be more organized?

Dear XYZ,

How can I be more organized?


X says:

​        A way to stay organized is by having a folder for each class. Folders are affordable and practical; they fit anywhere. Have an agenda! This will make your life a lot easier and it’s very helpful. It will be the center of your world if you use this agenda on a daily basis. Another way to be organized is to have a place for all your school stuff at home. Choose either a table or desk as a regular place to put your textbooks so you won’t lose them.

Y says:

      Organization is something that I’ve also had to work on, so I’m going share the techniques that I’ve learned through my years of high school.

       Number one, have a certain place for everything. Knowing where you are going to put your papers and important worksheets makes them easier to find later on. I would also suggest making a folder for each class.

        Number two, have a daily planner. This helps when you have appointments, meetings, tests, or even just basic tasks that you need to remember. It makes things much easier when you are able to see everything written down.

        Number three, time management! Distributing your time evenly and knowing when you need extra time is a huge advantage in high school life. Because you have so much going on, you might find yourself staying up late to finish everything you need for tomorrow. Once you get the hang of your classes and the workload, distributing your time will become easier.

Z says:

         Make sure you have appropriate folders for every class. Have a school planner out and ready to make notes at the end of every class! I suggest you write every homework assignment down and make additional small reminders to yourself. Keep your class notes neat and clean! If you can, rewrite your class notes when you get home; it’s also a great way to study.