Dear XYZ, How can I become healthy?

Dear XYZ,

How can I become healthy?


X says:

​        Drink water! Replacing soda and juice with water is the easiest way to improve your health. I always carry a water bottle with me and fill it in the morning, so I have something to drink during school. Also, instead of taking the bus to school, you should walk. It’s a couple of blocks from the train to the school, and if you walk every day, those few blocks will help you stay fit. Little things like that can help you be and stay healthy.

Y says:

             Well there are many ways someone can get healthy; eating right is probably the main one. Moderate portion sizes and eating healthy foods, as opposed to eating unhealthy/junk food, are good choices to make. You have to know what foods are good for your body and watch the amount of sugar, calories, sodium, and cholesterol you consume each day.

            Another thing you can do to stay healthy is get enough sleep. Surprisingly, sleeping eight hours a night, as opposed to the five or six hours of sleep we teenagers are used to, can be a huge factor in how you feel and act throughout the day. Someone who has eight hours of sleep can focus better in school than someone running on five hours of sleep.

           Lastly, you can exercise. Exercising seems not to appeal to everyone, however walking at least 30 minutes a day can be a significant factor in achieving a healthy lifestyle.

Z says:

          The number one key to become healthy in school is to bring your own lunch. By doing this, you will ultimately save money and you have the benefit of knowing exactly what you’re eating. If you know you are a person who generally eats chips, make sure you replace them by eating a granola bar or trail mix.

           To stay physically active, join a sports team or work out with your friends. Exercising with your friends is much more fun than exercising by yourself and it can be more efficient.