FOOD: Introduction to a Smart Student’s Guide to Healthy Eating

                         Homework, projects, and exams are only a few of the requirements we are expected to successfully fulfill throughout the school year as an MCSM Ram. Sure enough, we will experience stress at one point or another, causing us to make bad choices. For instance, we might miss sleep and instead add those last minute finishing touches to a project, then skip lunch and/or rush to the library for some last minute studying before that big test the next period. However, the most common of these unhealthy decisions is settling for less than healthy meals.
The fast pace of the academic year causes us to lose track of what we put in our bodies and ultimately not care about our eating habits. This is very dangerous because a balanced diet is essential to keep our bodies functioning well enough to finish those important projects at one o`clock in the morning! Now, allow me to define the term “diet”. According to the Oxford Dictionary, it is: “the kinds of food that a person, animal, or community habitually eats”. Therefore, when the word “diet” is mentioned in these articles, it will not refer the restricted consumption of leaves and water. Instead, it will refer to the intake of healthy amounts of carbs, fats, protein, and vegetables.

Now that our purpose has been stated, let’s move on to what these articles will provide:

1) Healthy snack ideas that are easy to find, grab, and eat in between meals.
2) Quick breakfast ideas for those guilty of skipping the most important meal of the day! (Admit it, you are probably one of these offenders….)
3) Ideas on what to indulge in. A balanced diet means that not everything consumed should be super healthy, thus, suggestions of delicious ‘unhealthy’ foods to try and restaurants to visit will be offered.

         A new school year can be a new beginning if we make it so. Let’s make it a successful one by nourishing our bodies with the essential fuels to keep us strong and vigorous!
-By Aimee Capellan