SPORTS: MCSM Varsity Basketball Team`s Past and Future

“Hard work beats talent, when talent fails to work hard”                                                        -Kevin Durant


(This Is Just the Beginning…)


(Is it Possible?)


         The following photo essay asks members of our basketball team to offer personal insight into their preparations for the upcoming season. Our regular sports correspondent has high hopes for a winning streak, but provides some valuable background information for fans and fellow students about what it took to win in the past and how our players are psyching themselves up to increase their chances of winning again.

       The MCSM Boys Basketball Varsity Team`s games are some of the most popular events that MCSM students attend. Each year is more exciting than the last. Last year, we won Borough Championship. Maybe, this year we can make it to City Championships!






Alex – Senior.
Age: 17.       Position: Guard.
Height: 5’7″.   Time: Two years on varsity.
“I would like to make another borough championship.”
“As a team I hope we can make a run in the city playoffs this year.”











Abubakary – Senior.
Age: 17.       Positions: Small Forward.
Height: 6’2″.     Time: Two years on varsity.
“I hope we can do great as a team.”













Brandon – Senior.
Age: 17.      Position: Point Guard.
Height: 5’9″.    Time: First year on varsity.
“I need to learn more discipline and work hard.”
“We all just need to work together as one.”







Kelvin – Senior.
Age: 16.           Position: Point Guard.
Height: 6’0.     Time: Two years on varsity.
“As an individual I would like to gain more leadership skills to be a better player on the team.”
“It’s a must that we go farther in the playoffs.”








m -kofi



Kofi – Senior.
Age: 17.            Position: Forward.
Height: 6’4″     Time: 2nd year on varsity
“I want to have more leadership skills to be able to help the team when we need it.”
“We just really need to have fun.”











Luther Mitchell – Senior.
Age: 17.        Height: 5’9″.
Time: Two years.
“I need to find my rhythm on the court.”
“We need to be able to use our techniques more on the field.”












Dajuan – Senior.
Age: 16.       Position: Shooting Guard.
Height: 5’10”.     Time: Two years.
Fun fact: “Playing video games is my life, especially Call of Duty.”
“I would like to develop into a better player then I was before with more hard work and dedication.”
“We need more communication within the team to play better on the court.”











Freddie – Junior.
Age: 17.   Position: Shooting Guard.
Height: 6’1″.    Time: Three years.
“Even with my great leadership skills, there is still much to learn.”










                   Last year, we lost three starters: Nykolas King, Khalil Hamer and Bryling Polanco. This year’s team just needs to work on their communication skills and defense abilities. Some say that without our former players, we won’t make it, while others think that we have a chance to make it all the way to the championships. But now is not the time to lose faith. As you can see in the brief quotes from our players above, an ambitious, positive mental attitude can make all the difference now! Improved teamwork, inspired leadership, joy in the game itself, and better on-court communication are key to what our team is preparing to achieve. In their hearts and minds, this is the year destined for greatness!

                                                                                                           By Kelisha Cyrus