Dear XYZ, How can I get good grades?

Dear XYZ,

How can I get good grades?


X says: “Organization, tutoring and studying. Those are the main tactics that will help you succeed. Learn to be organized. This can help you learn more easily, and will make your work more legible.
Take advantage of after-school tutoring. Your teachers want to help you so you should take time out of your day to go and ask questions.
Studying is key. You need to be able to sit down, look through your notebook, and practice what you’ve learned. Using flash cards can also help to memorize key ideas. Lastly, take it easy! Many students freak out when they take a test, and then they tend to blank out. Don’t panic! In the worst situation, when you don’t do as well as you thought you could, remember that one “bad” test grade doesn`t represent who you are as a whole!”

Y says: “In order to get good grades, you need to do a lot of different things. You can’t expect to pass a class simply just by showing up. Homework is a major part of your grade and although sometimes it is not fun, you should always do it. Tests are another big part. Try to start studying early so it doesn’t become overwhelming. Waiting until the day before the test to study isn’t the best idea. Also, be organized! Knowing when there might be notebook checks, tests, and quizzes can help you be prepared, and earn those extra points.
Lastly, participating in class is important. Teachers look for students who participate, and they will remember that when they are making your grades.”

Z says: “Getting good grades can be hard in high school, but maintaining them should be a bit easier. Do all of your homework and extra credit. You should attend after school tutoring and create a study plan with your teacher.”