TECH: Xbox One VS. PlayStation 4


By Tatyanna Morales
This is the month of major league competitions, junk food, and video games. Released on November 15th the PlayStation 4 (weighing 6.1 lbs) has hooked millions of buyers because of their 1080 pixel graphics and because of Call of Duty Ghosts that came out November 5th. However SONY’s rival, Microsoft, released their Xbox One (weighing 7 lbs) on November 22nd, in which Call of Duty Ghosts is playable using 720 pixel graphics. Both systems give gamers an exhilarating experience but it depends on your preference; better graphics or new advanced programming features.

Which game system do you prefer?

Which game system do you prefer?

The Xbox One is the new game console that this generation has always dreamed of. The Kinect, which was originally designed for the Xbox 360, is now bigger and better. Connected to the Xbox One, the Kinect is now a key component of the system`s programming. It`s newly added Voice Command–which incorporates voice recognition–allows one to simply say, “sign in”, in order to be automatically signed in. If another person wants to sign in, they may also say those two words and presto! They are signed in with their gamer tag.In addition to this, the Xbox One has the ability to switch between games, videos, music, and live TV in a jiffy. It is so easy a cave man could do it!

But seriously, this new advanced technology has everyone on the edge of their seat. The improved Kinect can now register six people at a time without all the hassle of its previous version, which was only able to recognize two people.

The Xbox One also features a different look compared to the Xbox 360. It is now bulkier and geometrically shaped. The ventilation for the system is distributed over the Xbox One, so overheating won`t be a problem. This is a great new feature, because before, gamers had to buy the extra fan component to keep it cool.

However, its current design only allows it to lie flat, whereas the Xbox 360 was able to be positioned vertically. There is no pesky tray, or click in the turn-on button anymore. It now has a sensor. The back of the Xbox One has all its slots labeled, which comes in handy for those of us who have difficulty with the wiring.

As for the PS4 (PlayStation Four), the graphics are what has everyone talking. At 1080 pixels, the graphics are at their sharpest ever. Gamers truly experience their favorite games like never before. All the high-resolution detail might make the Xbox One games look like Minecraft (no offense to all you Minecraft lovers out there).
The PS4 however, took a minor setback in not recalling the playable Blue Ray DVDs. Some PS4 lovers actually prefer no recall, for they believe the PS4 is to be used solely for videogames…and it is. Its power supply is built in, so there is no tripping over that massive box that the Xbox requires to connect everything. The newly designed Dualshock4 controllers can now be charged on the PS4, even when it is turned off.

The bulky Xbox One consists of many programming improvements with fewer pixels while the slim PS4 focuses mainly on its graphic quality. I myself am an Xbox type of gal. That’s what I grew up on, and my love for Halo is too great to ever switch to PS4 (which doesn’t have Halo). But no matter which one you prefer, have fun, and let the games begin!
By Tatyanna Morales



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