Dear XYZ,How can I get a teacher to like me more?

Dear XYZ,

How can I get a teacher to like me more?


X says: “In high school, most of the teachers are usually friendly; however there is always that one teacher that just doesn’t have a friendly side. For those types of teachers you can either force a friendly relationship or just have a professional relationship. It’s all up to you. If you want to make an effort to push a friendly relationship you can but you can always just have a professional one as well.”
Y adds: “There is always that one teacher that you just can’t seem to please and trust me, it happens with everyone. However, here are a few tips to get that certain teacher to warm up to you. First, be quiet in class. When students talk over the teacher, it really bothers them because they are disrupting the class. Second, always be prepared. Make sure you have everything handed in on time and have all the required materials. Lastly, participate! All teachers like kids who participate and it also gives teachers a chance to get to know you as a person.”
Z said: “To ensure your teacher likes you, make sure you’re already a good student. If you are not already a good student, become one and ask for help on the way. Make sure you complete and hand in all of your class work and homework, and participate regularly. Don’t speak inappropriately during class and don’t discourage others. Show effort with everything you do, even though you may not know the material. After class, talk to your teacher and make it clear that you’d like to create a healthy student/teacher relationship. Then there should be no reason for your teacher not to like you.”