Dear XYZ,How can I make more friends?

Dear XYZ,

How can I make more friends?



X says “Making friends might be harder for some students than others. I know that for me, making friends is hard because I am not really a talkative person. I got used to making friends by keeping an open mind. If you’re going into a new environment, keep an open mind; don’t assume that everybody is going to be mean and what not. Also, don’t be shy! Have conversations with others and don’t make it awkward. Just have fun with it!”
Y advises: “Making friends is easier than you think! Most people get really intimidated to go up and talk to strangers, but by putting yourself out there, you’ll be more likely to form new relationships with people. Honestly, the secret is to just be nice to people! When you exude positive energy, there’s a higher chance that people will respond to it. So next time you see an opportunity to make a new friend, remember to keep that smile on your face and be open-minded.”
Z says: “Making friends in high school isn’t as hard as it seems. Talking to people outside of your regular circle and being nice are good ways to start. If someone is shy; take some time to get to know them see if you guys have commonalities and then go from there, if not, they will still appreciate the effort. If YOU are shy, it’s time to get out of your comfort zone and start conversing!”