“the truth in winter and the lie in summer” by Minul Asgar

the truth in winter and the lie in summer


He didn’t know the difference between “good-bye” and “see you later”

cause either way they left without a note or a decent sympathy letter

Three years and he still believes things are getting better


He confused time with wisdom

cause of those days where he boasted with confidence when he lived memories with them

Where the hell have you guys been?


He didn’t know what goals were because his father was making them for him

the yelling was disturbing but all he could do was look down and try not to listen

the oppression ate away his pride but somehow grew on his desires

He rolled excessively to keep himself aiming higher


Lastly, he confused

friends with Happiness

like intellect based off of tests

like experience with adventures and quests

like, like, like

Like the time he woke up and found out all good that ever happened to him just stood up and left

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