How can I surprise my valentine for Valentine`s Day?

Dear XYZ,
How can I surprise my valentine for Valentine`s Day?

X says: “Try to be spontaneous! You could surprise your valentine by waiting for them outside of class and presenting them with your gift. Try catching them unexpectedly so the surprise can be bigger. Give them something unique yet thoughtful.”

Y says: “For valentine’s day, do something that you normally wouldn’t. Give them something they’re not expecting. Have your class or group of friends perform something for them, or sing their favorite song. Whatever you do, let your inner creativity shine through!”
Z says: “Surprising people for Valentine’s Day has become difficult considering that everything has become so cliché and expected. Some may disagree with me but I think the best way to surprise your valentine is to do something that you know they’ll love. Even if it’s not the most romantic thing in the world, do it because it would make the other person happy. Let’s say they love to watch movies; stay in, and have a movie marathon date with all his/her favorite movies. If they like to bowl, take them bowling. Make a date that you’ll know they’ll enjoy the most. That would be such a surprise to them because it’s not like a usual Valentine’s Day date (like going to a fancy dinner, or getting her flowers and candy). Make it more personal and fun for the both of you. It will be way more special, memorable and overall create an awesome Valentine’s Day for you and your special valentine.”