What Do You Expect from the Talent Show?

by Minul Asgar

         MCSM is known for many events, but the event that is most emphasized is the annual Talent Show. See, the Talent Show is an opportunity for those who are hiding in the shadows to come out and portray themselves as someone. In high school, we’re often remembered for the things that we did or for the talents that we own ,and the Talent Show enables us to become something or someone even greater. Being curiosity, I went around the school to ask students of MCSM their expectations for the thriving talent show, but I categorized the opinions of the students by year: freshmen, sophomores, juniors,and seniors.

(Some people wished to remain anonymous as their opinions may be controversial.)

“I expect there to be a maximum of 50 people and for the best to show what they got”- Anonymous, Junior

“I expect a lot of people there. You know what I mean… it’ll be HYPED!”- Anonymous, Junior

C:\Users\Minul Asgar\Desktop\Kahlil 2.JPG“I expect it to be a spectacular event”- Kahlil, Sophomore

“There’s going to be a lot of people doing the same dancing. I would like to see talent other than dancing and singing.”- Anonymous, Junior

C:\Users\Minul Asgar\Desktop\IMG_0786.JPG




“A lot of people are going to be there and it might be fun”- ‎Abubakr, Sophomore

“The same performances but with different faces”- Anonymous, Junior

“I hope it’s better than last year`s”- Yeritza, Sophomore

“The Talent Show has always been exciting, it’s like the event of the year”- Kiara, Senior


“Initially when it was supposed to be on the 21st, the excitement was not there. But I will probably be excited the week before the 25th.” -Teresa ,Senior

C:\Users\Minul Asgar\Desktop\IMG_0785.JPG“It’ll be fun”- Rosie, Freshman

There seemed to be mixed expectations for the talent show this year. Knowing that the performers were given an extra month to practice, I`m sure that the performances will be perfected.


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