Dear XYZ, How can we get the most out of senior year?

Dear XYZ,

How can we get the most out of senior year?


graduationX says: “To get the most of your senior year you have to learn how to enjoy every single moment you experience. Plan events, go out to dinner, or just chill at each other’s place. Here is a quick tip; you don’t have to waste money to have fun!  You could just take a walk in Central Park,or hang out along the river. There is a lot of things to do outside of school. Take part in your school`s senior events such as spirit days, senior luncheon, and prom. The most important thing to do is to have fun!”

Y says: “Senior year is flying by rather rapidly. Getting the most out of it could seem difficult, but when you look back, you’ll realize you’ve worked ’til that point to your full extent. Participating in school events with your friends is a major component in a high school experience. Join a club and get involved! Break out of your group of friends and socialize with your fellow classmates!  Go to prom, and attend the senior trips as much as you can. The senior lunch is right around the corner, get your consent form in and go from there.”

Z says: “I know it can be difficult to make the most out of your senior year. Between college applications and trying to plan life after high school, it can be hard to remember that senior year is supposed to be one of the best years of your whole high school experience. So my biggest piece of advice is to just take a step back and try to remember that this is your last year in high school! Go out and talk to people you’ve never spoken to before, try new things in school, participate in different school activities! You might never be able to get the opportunity to do these things again. Also, try to enjoy the perks of being a senior. Like “spirit days,” yearbook, prom, graduation, and many more. The way I see it is that this year is your last year before you enter your adult life, so try to make senior year the best year you can make it to be.”