Criminal on The Loose



By Penda Smith

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Ladies and Gentlemen,

May I please have your attention?

There is a criminal who walks among us.

He will try to gain your trust only to deceive you,

Or at least,

That is what I believe.

He is as harmful as toxic led,

Pulsating through veins


Nothing more than a mere baby,

He carries arrows with crimson points,

He targets hearts at random.

Many are unable to fathom his motives,

Victims who were shot by him claim

To have experienced detrimental side effects

Some of which include

  • A euphoric feeling of happiness
  • Joy

And the most fatal of them all

The L word


This baby is especially harmful

To writers, singers, rappers, and especially poets

Analysts have released numerous reports stating:

Those shot by his deadly arrows are 10xs more likely to download Drake’s Album

If you see this baby walking around,

With poisonous arrows,

Show no mercy.

Police officers are relentlessly searching for him

Day and night.

All agree this criminal must be stopped

After reading the former newspaper article,

I realized I have been shot.