Just a Girl, Nothing Else (Pt. 1)

By Alexandra Boothe
So, my name is Lexi and I live in Magnolia.  Magnolia is somewhere on an island in the middle of the sea.  I wasn’t always here, you know.  I’m a princess… well I used to be one.  My kingdom was in Wonderland, when Wonderland was above the ground.  Here’s the story you don’t know. The Red Queen was a witch. Well, she was my friend before she became evil. The Red Queen wasn’t always evil, had a big head, or wanted Alice or Alice’s head on a platter.
When the Red Queen was my friend, Alice was the little girl that had powers of her own. Her real name isn’t even Alice, it is Alison.  When Alison came to Wonderland, she terrorized everyone. The Red Queen tried to stop her, but “Alice” used her powers to conimages (2)fuse people.  Alison used her power to make people think she was a good person and the Red Queen look evil.  Alison is the person that put Wonderland underground, and made the rabbit hole to Wonderland.  Alison made people think that Wonderland was always underground.

Before Alison could do any more damage to Wonderland, the Red Queen sent her back to Magnolia. The Red Queen made Alison forget about what happened in Wonderland, and that was the last time anyone saw Alison again… or so I’ve heard.

One awful day, “Alice saw the White Rabbit, but I don’t know why or where he had come from.  He was looking for Alison but instead of finding “Alice” Alison found him. As she got closer to going back to Wonderland, her memories started returning. The White Rabbit triggered her memories to come back because she felt like she’d seen him before.  Wait, I just realized that I haven’t finished telling you MY story.  I ended up in Magnolia because I was sent there to keep watch over Alison. But I don’t know what happened on that particular day.  It was kind of chaotic during the party.  I forgot that the rabbit hole was so close, that Wonderland was so close, and that Alison’s memories were close to coming back.  During the party I was supposed to be watching Alison but a cute boy started talking to me.  His name was Christian, but he wasn’t an ordinary cute boy.  Christian is the Red Queen’s personal assistant and my informer.  Christian keeps me updated about what’s happening in Wonderland, and gives me messages from the Red Queen. He told me that the White Rabbit, the Mad Hatter, and many other people were planning to bring Alison back to Wonderland.  After that, he returned to the rabbit hole, where he saw the White Rabbit and Alison. Soon thereafter, Christian returned to me and told me what he saw.  So we headed back to Wonderland to face Alison’s powers and wrath.

When we got to Wonderland we decided to split up and find Alison before anything bad happened. I went to the north; where the White Rabbit and Mad Hatter usually hang out.  Christian went to the south, where the Red Queen was, to tell her the news.   Upon my journey, Alison found me and confronted me about our friendship. Our “friendship” had been based upon a lie, followed by even more lies I’d been forced to tell her.  Alison’s eyes were full of hatred, sadness, evil, and worst of all, madness.  She felt like she had been betrayed, and I don’t blame her for that.  I would feel the same way if my relationship with the person I thought was my best friend had been based on pure lies. Alison was on the brink of going mad…even madder than the Mad Hatter.  I had to tell her something to calm her down before she went on a rampage.  So I told her about how our friendship really started,images (1) but also what it slowly grew into.  I told her that at first, our friendship was just a mission for me to watch over her. As I got closer to her, how I began to have real feelings for her.  Soon, my mission began not to feel like a mission anymore.

After hearing this, Alison ran off into the woods after giving me a big hug.  She told me that she would make everything right again. But for some reason I felt she was lying. It was because of her smile. Her smile looked crooked, as if a screw was loose inside of her head.  Once she disappeared into the woods I tried to follow her.  But I couldn’t find her, so I continued walking until I found someone or something that could help me.                      [TO BE CONTINUED…]

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