What the Flock?

Children are leechers
Who believe all their teachers
But more than what’s said
When you put them to bed
They’ll recall what you did.
Consciousness has no lid…
So now as we wander
Life sans first-responders,
Cameras roll, it’s “reality”!
(No one wins congeniality)
The things often taught
(History is a knot)
Are so concentrated
(The tests unabated)
Must all of us think
The same way? (That would stink!)
People too self-important
(The frightening portents!)
Will take to the trails,       “Free speech!” they will wail,
While those in the gutter
Can just barely mutter:
“I don’t have an I.D.
Voting is not for me.”
Meanwhile big dollars
Pay for ads which holler
“Class warfare is at hand,
How ungrateful this band!
We create jobs!”
(Yeah, then treat us like knobs!)
But the essence of rule,
is don’t pity the fool.
Say what the f**k-
If you’ve got a buck
Even though you’re two-faced,       You were born on third base.
You did not hit a triple,
You merely had the nipple,
Of somebody wealthy.   Well done! Hope you’re healthy!
But freedom of speech…
(Onward into the breach!)
Is not all it should be.
If Lefties and Righties
Announce with aplomb
Either side has a bomb
Do we cower and pray
For more hours or days?
What a joke, how ironic…
Makes me want vodka tonic.
But I say what I think
While some ice going “clink”
Reminds me to shut up
‘Cause no one can put up
With Freedom of Speech.
It’s out of our reach.
But still…one must try
To counter the lie
That voters are sheep.         Con them once? Yours to keep.

By Jennet Kurbandurdyyeva with Eric Engles