Lesser-Known Colleges: Denison College


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By Keisha Aboagye

Located in Granville, Ohio, Denison University is a private, residential, co-ed, liberal-arts and science university .It is the second-oldest liberal arts college in Ohio. The student to faculty ratio is 10:1, while there is a total of 226 faculty members on campus. Denison University offers 48 courses of study, 11 pre-professional programs, and three bachelor degrees in the arts, fine arts, and sciences. 49% of all applicants are accepted into the university.

The campus spreads over a total of 900 acres, with all buildings being within walking distance and campus-wide Wi-Fi available. Denison University hosts 170 student organizations, 23 varsity sports, more than 60 campus leadership positions, and 45 intramural and club sports. The university is athletically affiliated with NCAA Division II. The cost of attending Denison University, including tuition, health center fees, activity fees, and room and board fees amounts to $56,850.  However, 97% of Denison’s students receive financial assistance, either through financial aid or merit-based academic scholarships. Many students receive both forms of financial support. Common places of interest on campus include the Swasey Chapel, the Biological Reserve, or the Swasey Observatory. Various internships, externships, study-abroad programs, and employment opportunities are available to students at Denison University. To find out more about what Denison University has to offer you, visit their website at www.denison.edu.

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