By Penda Smith
We all sit Indian style,
with eyes glued on TV,
We  watching The Purge.
In this particular scene,
some crazy lunatic is just going around shooting people
and you know,
this just a regular holiday.
My little sister asks me if I think
this could happen in real life.
To her I say
of course not.
We live in a country protected by a constitution that favors the rights of their citizens.
if someone were to go on a killing spree
justice would devour them with her calloused palms
and digest them whole.
Of course,
those of a minority are not living in a society where they are under-educated,
and victim to the vile realms of poverty.
If an unarmed black teenager was shot and killed because of his
swarthy outline,
Justice would bite her insatiable teeth
into the flesh of the accused.
if an unarmed black teenager was shot and killed by an armed white cop,
Justice would have grabbed him into the fiery hells of prison
until maggots did away with his rotten corpse.
Of course,
these murderers who are of a privileged class due to the systematic oppression of racism long instilled,
thus making it indiscernible,
would be brought to justice.
To my little sister and all of those who possess the same question as she,
Don’t be silly.
You cannot believe everything on TV.
Besides its 2014
The Purge is set in 2023.