“This Could be Us”


By Penda Smith


Imagine this,

we are lying on grass,

No not green grass,

but this grass will be a vibrant red,


So we are lying on red grass,

watching the sun set,



your cheek,

my canvas,

lip stains of cherry


your smile,

a bending rainbow,

stitched moon,


captivate my laughter,

tell forever,

stand still for once,

tell her to take a picture,



Leave us lying here,


For the first time,

I be speechless

words do not fall from lips,

I am too busy imagining what tomorrow will be like.



this could be us,

but you don’t like me back like that.



So here are 5 reasons why I would make a super duper cool girlfriend.



 I be slave to  laws of gravity,

‘cus you got me falling for you.


I fell in front of you to grab your attention.



I can talk dirty to you,

like there are billions of pathogens on hands,

but our skin which is the first line of defense will impede their ability to enter into our blood-stream,


We ain’t gotta worry ’bout that.



I heard you liked chemistry,

well I am a bit

bi- polar,

and you seem to be non-polar,

didn’t you know we are supposed to attract each other?

Let’s be hydrochloric acid.

I can be hydrogen

and you can be chloride.

Let’s be a balanced equation.




I can show you y I will never “equal” your ex.

I will always be a “greater-than” symbol compared to your last and your next.

I won’t be a variable to begin with,

I will be a constant.

I have tendency to scare guys away before they can like me,

so you will never have to worry ’bout someone stealing me,

in other words,

I am mad loyal.




For the most obvious reason of them all,

I be artist,

I be poet,

You will wake up to things like:


“Have you ever seen a sexy  sunrise,

blossom in the heart of a sky,

such is the feeling when I look into your eyes”


So as long as you don’t break my heart,

we will be just fine.