A Student Perspective on President Obama’s Executive Order to Reform Immigration Law

By Beverly Danquah Broadcast live on national TV just hours after the White House released a 17-point executive order concerning immigration reform to the press, President Obama’s November 20th  immigration speech addressed a problem that many U.S. government officials have been avoiding for decades. Our country’s immigration system is broken beyond words. If you are […]

College of the Month: Allegheny College/ Scholarship of the Month: Foot Locker Scholarship

By Keisha Aboagye Allegheny College is a private, co-educational  liberal arts college located in Meadville , PA. Founded in 1815, Allegheny College is the thirty-second oldest college in the nation. Allegheny boasts  an impressive diversity rate of  21%.  It is a relatively small school, with a student population of 2,161.   The college offers majors ranging […]

Tech Column: iOS 8 is Catching Up to Android, But it’s Still Not There Yet

By Chimdi Alagor (Apple vs. Android: The Competition Continues!)   ​     With the release of iOS 8, Apple users have gained a feature that Android users have enjoyed for years, which is the ability to choose a 3rd party keyboard. This feature, among others, signifies that Apple is slightly straying from its “walled garden” […]

Pride and Fitness: Reasons to Become a Student Athlete

By Oguljennet Kurbandurdyyeva      Most high school student athletes compete as part of the school team, or in different leagues.  Sometimes the students who play for school teams are genuinely passionate about that sport, but they can also be motivated to join primarily for the chance to add school sports to their extracurricular transcript […]

Student Perspectives on the Current Threat of Ebola

  By Karla Davis “Ebola.” What comes to one’s mind these days when hearing that particular word?  Perhaps thoughts like  “death” or even “breathtaking,” as the disease was described by MCSM freshman, Pahola Orea. This current outbreak has engendered a great deal of fear throughout the U.S., even though Dr, Thomas R. Frieden,  director of […]