Extracurricular Learning: A Trip to GenSpace

  By Vinzente Fedele   On Tuesday, November 11, I decided to go looking for GenSpace, a public laboratory that people can use for their own research projects after becoming a member and paying an affordable, monthly fee.  Since it opened in December of 2010, it has provided both young students and adults with hands-on […]

Interview with Chynna Wilson, Co-Captain of the Girls Varsity Basketball Team

By Oguljennet Kurbandurdyyeva I sat down with co-captain of the girls varsity basketball team, Chynna Wilson, to ask her how she manages to be a successful student-athlete, as well as about her encounters on the basketball court. It is not easy balancing school and sports, especially being co-captain and having to maintain your role as a […]

Lesser-Known College of the Month: Rensselaer Polytechnic Institution/ Scholarship of the Month: McDonald’s RHMC U.S. Scholarships

By Keisha Aboagye Rensselaer Polytechnic Institution, better known as RPI, is a private, research university located in Troy, NY. Founded in 1824, RPI is the nation’s oldest technological research university. With a campus of nearly 7,000 students, RPI offers 38 majors, and bachelor, masters, and doctorate degrees to its students. RPI boasts a variety of […]

NYPD Implements Body Camera System, Students Voice their Opinions

By Beverly Danquah Last year, a federal judge ordered the New York Police Department to test body cameras for one year in five precincts. This is seen as a way of evaluating their effectiveness in preventing unconstitutional stop-and-frisk interactions between officers and civilians. The court ordered an independent monitor to help set the policy for the […]

Mixed Reactions to Third Block-Buster Film In “The Hunger Games” Series

    By Stephanie Luciano “Horribly Dull ‘Mocking Jay’ fails to take flight ” –said The New York Post. Woah there, that’s a harsh critic. But many early reviewers were less than impressed by this latest episode in the science fictional adventures of Katniss Everdeen. The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 was widely expected to be […]

The Eric Garner Case: Student Perspectives

  By Cesay Camara Eric Garner, an African-American Staten Island native and father of 6, died on July 17th 2014 from what appeared to have been a choke hold by New York City police officer Daniel Pantaleo. According to NYPD policy since 1993, the use of the choke hold is forbidden. Officer Pantaleo, a white male, approached Garner along with other officers because he was selling “ loosies”, or untaxed cigarettes. Garner’s encounter with the officers […]

College of the Month: Johnson and Wales University/ Scholarship of the Month: Coca-Cola Scholars Scholarship

  By Keisha Aboagye Established in 1914 as a business school, Johnson and Wales University is a private, non-profit, co-ed educational institution. The university has four campuses, respectively located in Providence, North Miami, Denver, and Charlotte. Johnson and Wales University has two main colleges with sub-schools:  the College of Management and the College of Arts & […]