Dear XYZ, How do I ask a girl to prom?

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Dear XYZ, How do I ask a girl to prom?

X Says: Asking a girl to prom can be very nerve-wracking, even if you are close friends with your love interest.  If you and the girl you would like to accompany to the prom are already friendly, you can drop subtle hints.  First ask her if she is taking anyone to prom.  If her answer is “no,” be straightforward and propose that the two of you go together. As always, having confidence is key.

Y Says:  Asking a girl to the prom probably seems hard to do, and to a certain extent, it is. But you really just have to believe in yourself. Be creative and unique, because girls love creativity. When the opportunity to pop the question comes around, you may feel like you have to “prepare” for that big moment, but to be honest I’d have to say:  just go for it!  Now, if it’s someone you like a lot and you want her to feel special in every way, then yes go ahead and plan something special!  Maybe buy her flowers, or slip a note in her locker. After all, prom happens in June so now you have PLENTY of time to think … so Think Away!

Z Says: Asking a girl to prom is not that difficult, but building up confidence before you approach someone is most important. You already know she’s an individual you want to be close to during your final days in high school, so ask her to the prom in the kind of environment that makes you feel comfortable and makes her feel special at the same time. The main thing you must focus on is your CONFIDENCE. Don’t approach her with the negative mindset that she might say “no,” because that will only deplete your self-esteem.


Dear XYZ:  My best friend and I don’t talk because supposedly I’ve been giving her an attitude.  Yet whenever she has an attitude with me, I let it ride.  It’s like she always expects a pity party when we argue, and I’m fed up.  Every time we argue, I talk or apologize to her first.  What should I do?  

X Says:  Sit down with your friend and tell her the truth.  Explain to her why you find the things she does unfair to you.  If you want to maintain this friendship, she should know exactly what is bothering you.  If she refuses to change, then maybe it is time to reconsider the friendship.

Y Says: In this situation, it’s best to really look at the kind of friend you’re dealing with. If this is a friendship that you’ve had for a really long time then it’s worth the fight. On the other hand, if you recently became friends with this person, I think it’s time to realize what kind of friend she really is. Usually with a friendship that has existed for a long time, behavior like this is only a stage she’s going through. She may be experiencing difficulties at home, or maybe with her inner self. If she’s one of your closest friends, speak to her, and make sure she understands that her actions make you doubt your friendship with her. Regardless of whether you always speak to her first, true friends will do whatever it takes to keep the friendship strong. Now, if we are speaking about someone you only recently befriended, then perhaps it’s not worth the fight. Maybe what you are experiencing are her true colors, and if she’s always like that, then nothing will make her change. That’s just who she is.

Z Says: Try to fix it. If she is truly your best friend, no matter her attitude or circumstance, you have to stick with her. When you address the reason why you two aren’t speaking, ask her why she does what she does. Talk to her nicely and keep calm.

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 Dear XYZ:  How can I find help to prepare for a language Regent test?

X Says: There are many books that can help you with language Regents. Go to your local library or bookstore and buy one for the language you are studying. Teachers also offer tutoring after school so be sure to find a good time where you can be tutored.

Y Says: To get help on a language Regent I would definitely check out Truthfully, I find YouTube to be very helpful because it provides you with a variety of videos to practice and learn from. Usually, you can find a lot of language instruction websites on Google, but there’s nothing like learning audio-visually and actually hearing the language out loud. After all, you don’t just want to prepare yourself for Regents, but to secure the long-term benefit of fully mastering another language.

Z Says: You can go to the Regents’ website  You can also speak to your language teacher to see if they have any test prep materials you can use to study.


school trips

Dear XYZ:  How can I get my teachers to take my class on trips?

X Says: You can recommend a class trip to your teacher. Propose the idea together  with ways it will benefit the class and how it will be educational for the students.

Y Says: When teachers take you out on a field trip, the reason behind it is always educational, whether it’s going to a theater or going to the zoo. When it comes to school and trips there has to be a convincing reason to leave the school. As teachers view it, it can put them one day behind on a planned lesson and from a Principal’s perspective, it’s one  day less of formal education. When you want to try and convince your teachers to take you on a trip, always make sure that what you’re suggesting is educational and fun at the same time. Try explaining to your teacher why this trip is educational and most importantly, how it relates to the lesson you guys are currently learning in class.

Z Says: Plant the idea like a seed in your teacher’s mind, then do your research to see if you can find a location that relates to what you are learning in class. Displaying initiative and determination in this way will show your teachers that you are a dedicated student, and that you want to learn outside of the school environment while also enjoying yourself and experiencing something new.

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