Interview with Chynna Wilson, Co-Captain of the Girls Varsity Basketball Team

By Oguljennet Kurbandurdyyeva

I sat down with co-captain of the girls varsity basketball team, Chynna Wilson, to ask her how she manages to be a successful student-athlete, as well as about her encounters on the basketball court. It is not easy balancing school and sports, especially being co-captain and having to maintain your role as a leader. Chynna spoke to me about her day-to-day tasks being a student-athlete and her love for the game of basketball, despite the obstacles that sometimes get in the way.


Chynna Wilson, 16, warms up before her basketball game. (PHOTO BY Nazhaya Barcelona/MCSM RAMPAGE)

Chynna Wilson, 16, warms up before her basketball game. (PHOTO BY Nazhaya Barcelona/MCSM RAMPAGE)

Q: You look very athletic.  Is it hard for you to stay in shape?

A: Yes!


Q: How many times in a week do you work out?

A: Six days a week.


Q: I can tell that you love basketball. Since when have you been playing basketball?

A: I started to play when I was in the 7th grade.


Q: What is your position in the game?

A: I play shooting guard.


Q: Can you play any position?

A: Yes, I can but it depends on who’s in the game (on both teams)


Q: Who is the captain of the team? Do you feel like you should be the captain?

A: I and Amber Jones are the captains of the team, predominantly Amber.


Q: What is very hard about being a basketball player?

A: Balancing your academics and your social life.


Q: Who is your coach?

A: Jaywana Bradley


Chynna Wilson, 16, plays a game on Dec.15th against Benjamin Banneker high school (PHOTO BY Nazhaya Barcelona/MCSM Rampage)


Q: Have you ever had an argument with an opponent or with your teammate during game?  What did it feel like?

A: Yes, it happens all the time. Games are very competitive. We shake it off after the game.


Q: Do you play basketball just for fun or you take it very seriously?

A: I play to have fun but I take the game seriously.


Q: When are you playing basketball, is it very hard to keep up with your school studies?

A: Yes, because most of the time, sports tire you out and practice ends late and all you want to do is sleep. But you can’t because you are a student-athlete.


Q: If you coach tells you to do something you don’t want to do, do you still do it or do you just ignore her?

A: I do whatever she tells me. My coach is like my boss, and I love my job!


Q: If you know that you are going to play against a powerful team, do you already give up, or do you do your best to win?

A: I always do my best to win.


Q: Can you play sports other than basketball?

A: I tried to play football (soccer) and softball my freshmen year. But I wasn’t [as] successful as I was in basketball.


Q: Why do you think girls should go out for the Girls Varsity Basketball team instead of other teams? How does your team differ from others?

A: I think they should join if they are prepared to be a part of a real team, and they must be ready to work!

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