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Fa-la-love Makeup

By Kaitlynn T. Liriano   The holidays may be over, but you still want to look your best and have fun. Below are some makeup ideas that will jazz up just about any outfit and make you the talk of the night. This first eye makeup look works best for someone who may not totally […]


Why There’s Been Increased Police Presence Throughout NYC

By Chelsea Rahiman Following the Paris attacks there has been a noticeable increase in security throughout New York City. This increase is necessary considering that ISIS recently released video with images of New York City and suicide bombers preparing themselves for attacks. The reason for increased security was to ensure the safety of New Yorkers […]


The Science Behind Gift-Giving

By Shinelle Black Have you ever wondered why gift giving feels so good? Giving a gift makes us feel great, it allows us to see a demonstration of our own generosity, and, in theory, gift giving makes us feel better than gift receiving. This year I’ll play the devil’s advocate for a day and let […]


Top 10 Feminist Tumblrs For Teens

By: Roberta Nin Feliz BRONX, N.Y. (WOMENSENEWS) — Nearly a quarter of U.S. teen girls use Tumblr, the Pew Research Centerfinds, compared to 5 percent of boys. What are we doing on this visually focused social medium? I, for one, am using it to seek answers and demand change. After the groundbreaking decision by the […]

By: Penda Smith

And again,

in between a black lives matter movement,

I scream my own rebellion.

I do not branch from man,

I am womb man,

Remember whose body you be from.


War is inevitable when two bodies want to inhabit the same land,

when two lands want to inhabit the same body.

when one body connects two lands,

when one land transverses two bodies,

when two bodies claim two lands,

when two lands fight to exist,

when two lands deny each other existence,

when two bodies deny each other existence,

when  two bodies birth the same land,

when two lands birth the same body,

when one body births two lands,

when one land births two bodies

when two bodies births one body

when one body denies two bodies,

when two bodies plus gun equal  one body

when one body sees one body,

when two bodies plus gun mean three bodies,


when one body subtracts one body  two bodies become one body,

when one body still sees one body in one land

when one body bleed two bodies in one land

when two bodies vomit one body in one land

when one land loves no body

when one land claims no body,

when one body loves one land


when one land swallow one body two bodies vomit in one land

when two lands fight two bodies,

when two bodies subtract, one body leaves no body,


This leaves a body,

my body.

The skin that covers this body is a threat to every body.

One gun,

sees two bodies,

and men like you only see one body.

We scream in the same body,

We scream in the same land,

We cry in the same body

We cry in the same land,

We drowned in the same body

of water.


War is inevitable when two bodies are two bodies


SPORTS: Let’s Go Mets

By: Chelsea Rahiman        No baseball fan could have expected the Mets to make it to the World Series this year. But they did, and this was something Mets fans had waited a long time for. The last time the Mets were in the World Series was 2000, and in even sadder news the last time […]


ADVICE: How To Land An Internship

By: Nazhaya Barcelona      Hey, everyone! I want to share a few tips I learned this summer about the fashion industry and how important internships are for gaining experience in your career path. I grew up thinking there was only one career in the fashion Industry, and that’s Fashion Designing.          If that was the […]


Interesting People: Who is Madame Kraus?

By Karla Davis      On November 2, I sat down with Ms. Kraus, a 10th, 11th, and ESL and French language teacher at Manhattan Center for Science and Mathematics and discussed topics that both demonstrated her personal views and those that are commonly shared amongst teachers. Q: What professional accomplishment are you most proud of?  A: […]

By: Rashidah  Zhussanbay

Hip-hop is ever changing. With every new face in the industry comes a new flavor and style, diversifying the sound, theme and messages conveyed through the art form. Three new artists tower over the Billboard 100s. Dej Loaf, K Camp, and Bryson Tiller have all developed their own unique sound and are taking the competition by storm.

Dej Loaf

dej loaf

With her first single “Try Me” in 2014, Dej established herself as one of the strongest female rappers in her age group. In comparison to Angel Haze, Azalea Banks or Tink, Dej has had more commercial success, and has expanded her audience by collaborating with established rappers like The Game and Lil Wayne. After the release of her first commercial EP, “… And See That’s The Thing,” she re-established herself back on the charts with the help of fellow Detroit rapper Big Sean on the single “Back Up.” Dej’s individuality mainly comes from her very soft voice, which contrasts with the hardcore content in her music. Dej Loaf has been signed with Columbia Records, solidifying her place in the rap world for at least a few more albums.

K Camp


Chosen for the XXL Freshmen Class of 2015, Atlanta rapper K Camp is making a new name for himself. He first came into the spotlight after the 2014 hit “Cut Her Off” dropped and was followed by his record deal with Interscope soon after. “Only Way Is Up” was released in September 2015, which featured the single “Comfortable.” The slow jams in his tracks stay true to his Atlanta origin, but he is noted for infusing a level of honesty in his music that has been lost to the idolization of money and fame prominent in hip hop these days. K Camp is currently on tour, and will be in New York at Irving Plaza on November 25th.

Bryson Tiller

bryson tiller

Although the debate as to whether this artist’s music belong to the hip-hop genre or PBR&B, he remains a fresh face in the music industry. For Bryson Tiller, success has come from his own music distribution efforts over the music media platform “SoundCloud.” Gaining attention from the song “Don’t,” which was self-released, Tiller was co-signed by other artists such as Drake and Timbaland, leading to his record deal with RCA Records in August 2015. Within less than two months, he released his album “T R A P S O U L” which continues to gain commercial success everyday. Whether the fact his song “Don’t” was tied to the “DontJudgeMeChallenge,” which thousands of social media users created to combat the assumptions people make on others based on appearance, or just his musical abilities, it’s clear Tiller has a long career ahead of him.


SPORTS: NBA Teams To Watch

By: Aubrey Golson     On October 27th, the National Basketball Association season started. Today, the NBA is a very competitive league where the best players and best teams put on a show every night to compete to make the playoffs and ultimately get a championship. I have been on the lookout for teams that […]


FASHION: Thankful for Style

By: Kaitlynn T. Liriano     When October ends, Halloween candy is thirty-percent off at Target and it’s time to prepare for Thanksgiving. What is a girl to wear for the holiday?     Personally, I prefer to be comfortable but not look it on this particular holiday. My go-to bottoms always turn out to […]

By: Shinelle Black

    Close your eyes for a moment and imagine a land filled with streets of candy, fountains of chocolate. Now imagine one made of broccoli and celery sticks. Which side would you choose? Contrary to what you might believe, a large majority of the American population would choose to indulge in the green goodness of the earth. The reason behind this decision is quite simple: it is what we are taught from birth. Our parents tell us that exercise and a healthy diet help us prevent certain diseases. But what if there was another factor contributing to our lifespan, one that neither you nor I could dictate.

    Nicholas Tatonetti, a scientist at Columbia University Medical Center, has an interesting, unique area of study. His research question might surprise you, “Does the month you are born in affect your chances of certain diseases?” The question has one factor we can all agree on: the answer is complex and the logic behind the reasoning could be based on raw chance alone. Whether Tatonetti’s research conclusions are valid is debatable, but it seems that media companies and health magazines have taken advantage of the researcher’s findings. Time, on June 8, 2015 published an issue with an attached diagram.

    Before I allow you to form your own hypothesis based on the ongoing observational experiment, l would like to share with you the conclusions of Tatonetti’s experiments and other researchers investigating this correlation. In the peak of the summer the Journal of American Informatics Association published Tatonetti and his teams research findings based on a fourteen year old collection of data. The study is described as one with “results that are pretty eye-opening.” If you are scared of death, then I suggest you continue reading, thus you can know the precautions you should take to prevent the diseases you are supposedly at risk of contracting.  

    The experiment conducted at Columbia Medical Center, evaluated a total of one thousand six hundred and eighty-eight different diseases and a total of fifty-five, including asthma and heart disease (the number one cause of death on a global scale) was linked directly to a certain month. Prior to Tatonetti’s study being published, “earlier studies, for example, had connected birth in late summer or fall with asthma or respiratory problems,” according to Time.

    Tatonetti’s investigation supports this theory. According to his research, a majority of patients born in September were at a large risk of developing asthma during their lifespan. This conclusion cannot only be supported by statistical evidence but also by logic. Mothers pregnant during the winter season tend to contract the flu or other respiratory infections, increasing the risk that their babies born in summer will develop diseases that affect normal breathing. In addition the study suggests that men and women born in spring are at a higher risk of heart disease in the northern hemisphere. Of the patients who participated in the study, those at the highest risk of congestive cardiac failure were born in March, as well as patients with high risks of atrial fibrillation.

    Although Tatonetti tells his audience that “It’s important not to get overly nervous about these results because even though we found significant associations the overall disease risk is not that great,’” many people are already scared — unless you were born in October. October, closely followed by November, is the month with the least associated diseases.

    Personally I am a Valentine’s Day baby, and I was terrified to learn that I could be at risk for heart disease while sitting on my patio eating a burger.  


The Rampage Visits the One World Observatory

By: Anisa Choudhury and Deborah Robinson Editor’s Note: On Election Day, 20 writers from the MCSM Rampage were able to visit the One World Observatory. The trip was made possible thanks to our principal Mr. Jimenez who was kind enough to join us on the trip and treat us to lunch afterwards. Here is what […]


OPINION: The 4th GOP Debate

By: Oguljennet Engels     On Tuesday November 10th, the 4th Republican debate took place in Milwaukee. After the 3rd debate with CNBC, the RNC (Republican National Committee) suspended the February GOP debate on NBC. The reason stated was because, as the Chairman of the RNC said, CNBC moderators were “conducting the debate in bad […]


OPINION: Boko Haram Girls

By: Fariha Fawziah     For centuries, the notion that girls should stay at home, play with dolls, and grow up to be housewives remains a part of many people’s beliefs in countries like Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, Cambodia. People in these countries also think it’s fine for girls to marry when they’re 13-16 years old […]


ADVICE: Some Things To Get Ready for Junior Year

By: Lorena Flores HEY juniors!! Ready for the hardest year of your high school years? Just kidding — but it is an important year.  This is the year colleges pay most attention to your grades and the classes you tke. This is also the year the SAT’s/ACT’s become present in your life as well. The very […]