Seniors 101: The College Office

By Beverly Danquah During her third period lunch, Raliat Akesode, senior at Manhattan Center for Science and Mathematics, can be seen in the College Office applying for scholarships, calling colleges to follow up, and checking her e-mail. Located in Room 154, the College Office has proven itself to be a setting where seniors and juniors […]

STUDENT LIFE: A Trip to the Harlem DNA Lab

  By Vinzente Fedele On March 2nd, 2015, I joined the Advanced Science Research (ASR) class in visiting the Harlem DNA Lab. I met Ms. Lee, who explained and directed the lab. She started the activity by asking us simple questions about DNA, and how it’s used to create proteins. She discussed the ALU gene […]

College of the Month: Hampshire College/ Scholarship of the Month: Superpower Scholarship

By Keisha Aboagye Hampshire College is a private liberal-arts college, located in Amherst, Massachusetts. Its rural setting houses 1,400 undergraduates. Opened in 1970, it was an experiment in alternative education. Hampshire College is a part of the five college consortium, which includes Smith College, Mount Holyoke College, University of Massachusett,s Amherst, and Amherst College. The […]

STUDENT LIFE: Interview with MCSM’s Junior Council Representatives

By Cesay Camara Junior year can be the most stressful yet  rewarding year of one’s high school career. Juniors, remember that you have your council members, to whom you can offer your suggestions or concerns. I interviewed Junior Council members Yeiny Moreno (Vice President) and Rasna Ekra (Class Representative) in order to make the student […]

INTERESTING PEOPLE: A Chat with Ms. Chiavola

By Anthony Rivera Ms. Chiavola is a popular English teacher at MCSM.  She has taught literature and composition here for nine years now. One of her main goals is to help students write at a college level, and to make sure that they are prepared for college level work. Last year, she worked closely with former Vice Principal […]

Are You Ready for College?

  By Hyochan Lee         College? Isn’t that an educational institution you can go to after high school? Yes, it is. As a matter of fact, there are actually many different types of college, such as: vocational institutes; two-year junior colleges; four-year colleges and universities; public versus private; and co-educational vs. single-gender.     Often times, […]


MISS “UNIVERSO”? Por Benny Ogando El concurso de Miss Universo es dedicado a reconociendo la mujer mas bella del mundo o “Universo”. Pero después de 63 años de su comienzo en los 1952 la imagen de lo que es la belleza no ha cambiado mucho. Aunque hemos avanzado con la justicia social algo todavía se […]