MUSIC REVIEW: “See You Again” by Wiz Khalifa and Charlie Puth (From the “Furious 7” Soundtrack)

By Musfika Moshahid   On April 6, 2015, “See You Again” by Wiz Khalifa and Charlie Puth was released on YouTube. Since then, the song has reached over 55,000,000 views within 2 weeks. The track has become a huge hit. This song  broke two records on Spotify. First the song had 21.9 million streams from […]


By Karla Davis   Adam Beauchamp is a well-known Community Assistant at Manhattan Center who can be seen in the morning helping students who have lost their ID cards, or merely greeting them as they walk through the door. I sat down with Adam to talk about his perspectives, goals, hobbies, etc.The following is a […]

Students from Norway visit MCSM

By Beverly Danquah On March 19th, 13th grade students from the Akademiet School in Norway visited Manhattan Center to get an idea of America’s educational system and a sense of our English classes. Their goal was to visit a place with a lot of immigrants so that they could get a sense of the multiple cultures […]

Center for Educational Innovation-Public Education Association visits MCSM

 Editor’s Note: As its name implies, the Center for Educational Innovation (CEI) exists to change public educational systems for the better. Founded in 1989 as part of the Manhattan Institute for Policy Research, CEI merged in the year 2000 with the 105-year-old Public Education Association specifically to help public schools overcome bureaucratic barriers to better […]