Maintaining Your Beauty in the Cold Weather

new moisturizing pic


By Stephanie Luciano

A few weeks ago New York City hit temperatures from about 2-7 degrees. We had back-to-back cold winter mornings and snowy nights. I don’t know about you, but sometimes lotion just doesn’t do the job in maintaining your skin with enough moisture. And between the cold air and the indoor heat, dry skin and hair is a major problem!

Turns out, winter hydration is just as important as sun-protection in the summer. You may not see it now but down the road it can cause a change in your complexion and early aging. The skin is similar to a sponge, absorbing all the moisture it can get to keep skin cells healthy. However, a lack of vital moisture to these cells can cause them to dry out and die, causing a rough and bumpy appearance on the surface of your skin.

Your hair needs just as much attention as your skin. The cold winter air can dry out the natural oils your hair produces, as can washing it too frequently during these time periods. Applying conditioner is a plus, and staying away from the hairdryer is just as important. Over-drying your hair can cause it to be frizzy and damaged, and sometimes result in a slight change in color.

Water is great for the body all year round. Even if you aren’t applying lotion every morning, drinking plenty of water can help your body restore moisture. It isn’t only beneficial internally, but externally as well. Aside from hydrating your skin, it gives you radiant complexion and brighter eyes.

Let’s not forget, the skin on your body is just as important as the skin on your face. Usually store-bought moisturizers do an amazing job in the winter. However, for those of you trying to give your facial skin a break, oatmeal is great. Raw organic oatmeal provides a gentle exfoliation and deep moisture. Not only is it a natural moisturizer, but it can also be used as a skin cleanser and an anti-inflammatory agent.


Let’s keep in mind that having a healthy body is very important, for it is what keeps you up and going every morning. Your body does an amazing job by providing you with a head-start in keeping it healthy, but you have to help finish it and properly maintain it. Your skin and hair are the first thing people see. Why not let them shine at our most difficult time of the year!