PSYCHOLOGY 101: Everyone Has Two Sides

Two Face Story

By Raisa Chowdhury

Have you ever wondered why some people act differently after a while? Perhaps you notice that the people who were close to you yesterday are avoiding you now, or even talking behind your back. This annoys us and we start to see them from a negative point of view. But then all of a sudden, they just come back to their normal selves!  When this happens, some people—and I am one of them—don’t want to jump to conclusions.  When I see a friend acting differently, the first thing I think about is that maybe they are not in a good mood. But when things don’t change back to normal, that’s when I think that maybe they have two sides, or maybe they are “two-faced.”  But in reality, we all have two sides in the end. You can’t ignore the fact that at times, you have acted differently with someone close to you, or maybe even ignored him/her. Maybe you had a good reason for that, or maybe you did it without a reason. Well, that’s why we have to agree about the fact that none of us are perfect, since we all make mistakes and end up behaving as if we have two sides.

When we think about someone having two sides, we usually think about them being both good and evil. It depends on the other people, and about how they treat them. I believe that all people are born as good people, after all, there’s a reason why we say babies are gifts from God. A baby’s innocence has so much power that they can change a person—mostly their parents—from a bad person to a caring and unselfish person. So why is it that the baby with the power of innocence ends up having two sides? The first reason that comes to my mind is peer-pressure.  Just because society thinks that you are “not good enough,” you might start changing yourself into someone that your parents have never dreamed about. People tell us to be ourselves, but in the end, they are also  the ones who judge us for being ourselves. There are even some people in this world who just pretend that they are trying to help you, but in reality, they secretly hope that you never achieve your dreams. When you come to know about such people, you just lose trust in everyone, which changes you into that “evil” person.

We all know that our parents want the best for us. But it is also true that not all children are lucky enough to have caring parents. It is really important for a child to get their parents’ support, especially the mother’s support.  If the parents don’t take out a little time from their busy schedules to spend time with their kids and teach them the right ways of life, we can never expect that child to have a good side.  Plus, it’s not always about being busy.  Some parents are themselves not nice enough people to teach their kids the right manners.  Instead of spending the little money they earn for their child, they end up spending it on themselves for a nice dress, shoes, or even drugs. This can become the biggest problem in a child’s life, because instead of getting help from their parents, they end up trying to help their parents get out of the trap of being addicted to the wrong things in life.

There are many more reasons in this world why a person is two sided, or becomes two-faced.  I just tried to give you a better view of some reasons for being like that. We all have two sides, although  maybe we don’t notice it much because we only have a little evil side. We all make mistakes, but if you ever feel guilty about making them, then you don’t have anything to worry about since feeling guilty shows your good side is much more powerful than your evil side.  And remember, there’s always a way to be good again.

Well, I hope my article gives you a better understanding about why a person may appear two-faced.  If you are a RamPage reader and have your own opinion about this phenomenon, perhaps one that I did not mention, send a letter to our editor and maybe your feedback will appear in next month’s issue

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