FEATURE STORY: Unfolding the MCSM Scaffolding

By Vivica Michel            l   Have you ever wondered why our school has this huge contraption in front of it? Or why it has been here for so long? Where are the construction workers?  Well, I have the answers. Ever since the scaffolding has been up, students have been curious about […]

FEATURE STORY: New Alarms on School Exits

  By Cesay Camara The new alarms that were recently installed on all 16 of the doors at Manhattan Center have brought with them many questions. Some students wondered whether or not it’s a school wide initiative and whether they are here to stay.  The new alarms went into effect in early May at MCSM. Many students […]

OPINION: Are Sports and Entertainment Stars Intelligent?

  By Mariama Bah   Do you think that basketball players or other kinds of celebrities are intelligent? Usually when we hear words such as “celebrities,” one of the things that comes to mind is that they don’t care about school, and that they probably didn’t even get their high school diploma. However, individuals like […]

BALTIMORE 2015: Many Issues, Few Answers

  By Anthony Rivera On April 19th, 25 year old Freddie Gray was murdered by six police officers in Baltimore, Maryland. Not only had Gray been illegally arrested, but he also suffered severe spine injuries while in the custody of the officers.  He was also denied the medical attention he pleaded for. After the details of […]

What Are the Values of American Women Today?

    By Mariama Bah In the early 1800s to early 1900s, American women started a revolution called the women’s suffrage movement. Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton were two exceptional leaders of this movement. During this time, women from all over the country fought, protested and rallied for equal rights with adult male […]

LATINO RAMPAGE: Bi-lingual Supplement Volumen 4

LA HISTORIA DETRAS DEL “IN AND OUT”     (Pictured above: a local landmark transformed from barbershop to tasty take-out shop.) Por Scarlett Vargas El pasado tiene da una identidad y el futuro tiene la promesa de la realización en todas las formas, pero por alguna razón mi generación parece estar olvidando lo importante que la […]

GRADUATION 2015: Final College Story of The Month!

By Keisha Aboagye As the end of the school year rolls around, seniors feel a major sense of relief. They have sent in all of their college applications and are now awaiting their final acceptance letters. Seniors are thrilled about being through with the tedious, dreadful college application process. Many students of Class of 2015 have […]

TECH COLUMN: The Importance of Twitter in Our Lives

By Chimdi Alagor Although some may dismiss Twitter as a place where people air their most frivolous thoughts, few can argue that it has not had a significant impact on our world, no matter how undeveloped it is. In spite of the 140-character word limit, Twitter has managed to change the way we communicate in a […]

STUDENT LIFE: How to Ace the AP Exams With Less Anxiety

By Cesay Camera Amidst the stress of upcoming AP Exams, it is not uncommon for AP students to feel like giving up despite all the sleepless nights and early morning cram sessions endured, and lunch periods sacrificed with your peers. It’s May and you probably feel like you are running out of mental energy and […]