By Cesay Camara MCSM’s annual Talent Show, held last Friday May 29th, brought together all the creative talents possessed by people attending Manhattan Center–including singing, dancing and playing instrumental music–in a special evening showcase for the whole school to see. The MCSM Pop Band, otherwise known as the MCSM Band, was one of the […]


Editor’s Note:  RamPage reporter Mariama Bah was in the audience when the 2015 MCSM Dance Team brought their choreographed performance to the school stage.  If you were not there, Ms. Bah records here all the exciting dance moves and musical numbers you missed, along with a list of the featured dancers.  Mariama also offers us […]

ASR’s “Earth Observatory” Trip Includes Visiting Dutch Students

    By Vinzente Fedele During the Memorial Day weekend, the Advanced Science Research program directed by Ms. Delarosa, Mr. Kenis, Mr. Hernandez, and Mr. Cherbow went on a field trip to the Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory.  Dr. Michael J. Passow, who works there as an Adjunct Associate Research Scientist in Marine Geology and Geophysics, guided our activities. […]

OPINION: A Brief Exploration of Racial Tensions Today

  By Roberta Nin Feliz I remember being in the 5th grade when my school’s principal dedicated a school day to watching the inauguration of President Barack Obama. That was in 2008. Students filled up the library and surrounded the TV on the rolling platform. My principal was ecstatic and his excitement stirred a wave […]

FICTION: So Where is Waldo Really?

  By Domingo Fortuna Author’s Note: “Where is Waldo?” is a book for children  that creates a world where everyone is similar. The Land of Waldo signifies equality among the masses and the embracing of differences. The characters in the book  are adventurous and distinctive to represent some of our own characteristics. The rivalry between Odlaw and […]

Recruiting Newspaper Reporters for Next Year!

   HAVE SOMETHING TO SAY?  JOIN THE 2015-2016 NEWSPAPER CLUB Are you a good writer? Do you attend and keep track of school sports, student government, and special events?   Are you interested in learning new journalistic skills?  Do you like researching and interviewing people to discover the facts? Have you always longed to write […]

MOVIE REVIEW: Bollywood’s “Ek Villain”

  Editor’s Note:  This year, as a part of MCSM’s new freshman writing curriculum, students in Mr. Powell’s and Ms. Cooper’s 8th period English class were asked to experiment with writing formal movie reviews, just like those you might read in any daily newspaper.  Students chose to watch and analyze many different types of film, […]