Mock Trials: Why They Matter

By Anthony Rivera Over the summer I took part in the Mock Trial and Introduction to Political Science course at The City College of New York through the College Now program. Being able to be a part of this program proved to be more beneficial than expected. Apart from the obvious perks — such as […]

Fall Trends

By: Nazhaya Barcelona It’s finally here. Fall is officially among us and if you’re anything like me, fall is probably one of the most cozy, delicious times of the year for you! Fall is when we start pulling out our jean jackets, Timberlands and ordering pumpkin spice lattes instead of hibiscus refreshers. It’s also my […]

What 62 Million Girls Means For Girls WorldWide

By: Ahoua Koulibali     First Lady Michelle Obama has decided to add another project to her long list with the Let Girls Learn Initiative. Over the past 6 years, the First Lady has met with local leaders, experts, and global education advocates to eliminate barriers that prevent adolescent girls’ education around the world. Other groups involved in […]

White Feminism In The Feminist Movement

By: Keisha Aboagye   Feminism is the idea of the social, political and economic equality of the sexes. Feminism is NOT about women gaining the upper hand in society. Instead, feminism aims to correct the misogynistic and patriarchal ills that have historically oppressed women because of their sex, and have perpetuated a cycle of a […]

The 6 God Glow Up

By: Rashidah Zhussanbay Drake: hip-hop’s pretty boy who we all know and secretly love. Since his blow up in 2008 with “So Far Gone,” we have  witnessed quite an evolution. Drake’s music has taken a long winding path to get where it is now. Starting with his dirty south slow jams, to progressively creating his own […]

Interesting People: Ms. Chu

By: Angelina Amsalem When I met with Ms. Chu. a global teacher in MCSM, we touched on important topics: discipline, Common Core, lesson plans, and mission statements we should live by.   “How do you handle classroom discipline?” “To discipline students at this age is hard, but I try to establish rules from the beginning. […]

Let’s Talk About Halloween…and Aliens

By:  Shinelle Black Ghouls, ghosts, pumpkins, witches and characters galore — it must be October. Halloween has indigenous roots in ancient Celtic societies dating back over two thousand years, yet the tradition has made its way into the heart of 71.9% of American households. From carving pumpkins to elaborate decorations and costumes and candy, an […]

FALLing in Style

By: Kaitlynn T. Liriano We have officially hung up our sunhats, stored our bathing suits, and returned to school for yet another year. That’s right, it’s fall! Personally, fall is my favorite season of the year. I love to feel a little bit of a chill without having to wear three layers of sweaters under […]

An Unhealthy Difference

By: Ruby Setara Sometimes when we get used to something long enough we forget that it’s even there, like when a construction company has been fixing the roads outside your house and it has been there for a long time. You might wake up in the morning and not even notice there’s a person drilling […]

Death Path

By Karla Davis We see it every day. A person sitting in a car, trying to maneuver both the wheel and their phone. This is a constant scenario that I saw almost every day during my summer break while at my job. My summer job required me to aid with children and help distribute food in a […]

Indie Pop in Pop Culture

By Aaron Jackson          By now you might have seen a kid wearing some piece of clothing or at least some accessory promoting some unknown name or abnormal reference. Maybe you’re the type of person who surfs YouTube endlessly and have come across recommendations of a video of some strange, unfamiliar artist. If you ever […]