ADVICE: How To Land An Internship

By: Nazhaya Barcelona

     Hey, everyone! I want to share a few tips I learned this summer about the fashion industry and how important internships are for gaining experience in your career path. I grew up thinking there was only one career in the fashion Industry, and that’s Fashion Designing.

         If that was the case, I don’t think I would have a chance because EVERYONE can’t be a fashion designer. I began to lose interest after that but regained it at a Teen Vogue panel that I was invited to attend through a program I mistakenly signed up for. At the panel I met some people who at the time I didn’t know were very important. I met designer Phillip Lim whose brand is 3.1 Phillip Lim.  I met Leandra Medine, the Author of Man Repeller: Seeking love. Finding Overalls; she thrived in the fashion industry because of her start-up blog, Man Repeller, where she would write humorous blog posts about man-repelling pieces that were still considered fashionable. Finally, I met the Editor-in-Chief of Teen Vogue magazine.

#1 tip for the world of Fashion: MAKE CONNECTIONS!

You can make connections at any age! Making connections isn’t only for adults. You know that annoying neighbor who always throws parties and blasts music at 3 am? He or she has a friend who’s an FIT graduate, interning at Vogue magazine. What if this friend happened to have asked your neighbor if he or she knows anyone interested in interning at a magazine company as well. That person could be you!

What should you do?

Be friendly with people. When people see your interest and passion for something, they will drop jewels of advice that could really be beneficial for you. Pick up each and every one!

How do you find Internships?

First, you should think about what kind of job you’d be looking to commit to interning. Are you still in High School? Are you available for the holidays? Would you be able to do work during the summer? How many days would you be willing to work? These factors play a huge part in determining where you will be able to intern. Many internships have experience requirements as well as age requirements. If you do not fulfill them, it may be more difficult for you to get the job. However It doesn’t hurt to try.

Take Risks! Be BOLD!

Email your resume to as many internships as you can even if you don’t have experience! A tip that I would give is never reveal your age if it’s not asked. Internships will be impressed with your enthusiasm and may set aside your age difference. Be honest in your email and let them know how  excited you are to work for them. Your energy will shine through and just might get you that internship!

Here are a few links to internship tips and opportunities:

Good luck to you on your search for an internship. May the odds be ever in your favor!