Fa-la-love Makeup

By Kaitlynn T. Liriano


The holidays may be over, but you still want to look your best and have fun. Below are some makeup ideas that will jazz up just about any outfit and make you the talk of the night.


This first eye makeup look works best for someone who may not totally be into wearing makeup but is looking for a simple way to spice up her holiday look. It consists of a simple light brown eye shadow (which is completely optional), a short black wing-tip, a white or silver wing-tip directly above the black wing-tip, and mascara. This neutral eye makeup look will match any outfit and cater to any lip color assuming you choose to wear one.


This second makeup look works for someone who is looking for a more dramatic and festive appearance. Filling in your eyebrows gives them a bolder and cleaner look. However, it is a personal choice to do so. On the eye is a slightly dark brown shadow in the crease of the eye with a glittery gold over the middle of the eyelid. For anyone who is willing to go the extra mile, you can apply fake eyelashes over your real ones and use mascara to help blend them together. If you prefer to not use fake eyelashes, a few coats of your favorite mascara will work as well. This eye makeup can be paired with this burgundy/plum lip color to really make your face pop.

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Above are two ways to make your face pop just as much as your eyes and lips. On the left is a contoured face and on the right is a strobed face (strobing is very similar to contouring but consists of the use of highlighter only on the face). I am personally a fan of both and find them to be a great way to complete your look in a very beautiful way.

No matter what makeup you choose, make sure that you are comfortable with wearing it and that you stick within your abilities. Many people do not know how to properly create a wing-tip or contour their faces, and that is perfectly okay. If you are one of those people but would really like to try one of these looks, my best advice would be to look up many tutorials and practice the look a few days before your gathering so that it looks as you would like it to when the day comes. May your wing-tip always be sharp and your cheeks and eyelids always sparkle.