Short Story: Invisible Teen

By Angelina Amsalem

I’m nobody; well I’m nobody to the world. You see I’m invisible so I’m literally nobody to this world. I don’t mind at all actually I love it. I get to do what I want when I want to do it. Until this day I have yet to find another person like me and nobody has found me.

A typical day for me is like any other normal person’s day. I go to school of course, but after that 8 hour journey I can do whatever I want. I go to school to get an education, even though I’m invisible I’m not dumb. Once I went to Italy and learned Italian in just one month, and there I  got to know so many interesting people. But this isn’t just a story of my extraordinary life. This is a story of my best friend and me.

When I was in the Empire State building enjoying the view from the highest floor, somebody bumped into me. The person looked me straight in the eye and screamed in my face.

“Watch where you’re going!”

I was stunned because it actually looked like he saw me. Everybody around us just stared at the curly haired boy like he was absolutely insane. I was overwhelmed my first instinct was to follow this mystery boy.

As I’m chasing him he stops and says, “Why are you following me weirdo!”

I ask him immediately, “You can actually see me!”

He says, “Of course I can see you, what’s wrong with you?!”

I tell him who I really am and how amazing it is that he can see me. At first he doesn’t believe a word I say so I take him by the arm and drag him outside. I tell him to introduce me to anybody on the street and I bet him they won’t be able to see me.

He stops this old lady in the street and says, “Excuse me, ma’am can you see this girl that is standing right next to me?”

The old wrinkly woman looks so frightened that this random curly haired boy is pointing at thin air, so she instantly slaps and him and yells, “Stop doing drugs!” As she walks away Harry stares at me.

After that Harry and I were inseparable. Nobody ever messed with us and we never messed with anybody. We hung out in the Empire State building all the time; we just loved seeing the city move. We weren’t very talkative but we felt safe with each other. We would be up there for hours staring at the huge skyscrapers and the freakishly small people. But our perfect world at the top of the Empire State building didn’t stay all that perfect.

Harry was seen as the psycho kid who talked to an imaginary friend. His parents started to get worried so he had to tell the truth or he would be sent away. But, the truth just made his parents sure that Harry needed to be sent away and that’s exactly what they did.

I visited Harry at the hospital everyday but after a while he stopped talking and stopped looking at me. He looked so depressed and I tried to talk to him, but there was no use. I couldn’t help feeling like all this was my fault. The only person in my life that I cared about was destroyed because of who I am.

Then one day he whispered to me, “I hate you, leave me alone, and never come back.” I was speechless so I did exactly what Harry wanted me to do.

It’s been three years since Harry and I saw each other. It’s been difficult because with Harry I felt like I was actually somebody. Harry made me feel loved and secure. All this time without Harry was so different. I just did everything alone and before I loved being alone but now that I know what I’m missing out on I never want to lose it again. I go to the Empire State building reminiscing of all the times Harry and I had together. Instantly I know what I have to do, I have to look for Harry. I turn around and run for the exit when I bump into somebody I look up and it’s my curly haired boy.     

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