Not Just Another Pro-Black Performance

By Roberta Nin Feliz My first encounter with Kendrick Lamar’s artistry can be traced back to a 14-year-old Roberta trying hard to stray from the norm and the “cool kids.” After my 8th grade teacher checked me on calling myself a feminist while being a fan of the Odd Future mogul, Tyler The Creator, I latched onto Kendrick for his socially aware lyrics and the raw truth I […]

Get Valentine’s Day Ready!

By Kaitlynn T. Liriano February has arrived and hearts are all over the world (get my Chris Brown reference?).  Valentine’s Day is not a greatly adored holiday for most teenagers, however, if you have a Valentine this year for a change and you have a date night planned, you’re probably both excited and anxious as […]

2015/16 Newspaper Team

  Roberta Nin Feliz- Editor-in-Chief/Writer/FeministRoberta Nin Feliz has been apart of the newspaper since its beginning in 2013. She began as a reporter and worked her way up to co-editor and finally editor-in-chief. Her freshman and sophomore year she wrote for the teen magazine, YCteen. Her work for the Rampage garnered her a Newsie award […]