2015/16 Newspaper Team


Roberta Nin Feliz- Editor-in-Chief/Writer/FeministIMG_4440Roberta Nin Feliz has been apart of the newspaper since its beginning in 2013. She began as a reporter and worked her way up to co-editor and finally editor-in-chief. Her freshman and sophomore year she wrote for the teen magazine, YCteen. Her work for the Rampage garnered her a Newsie award for her Op-Ed “My History Matters, Too” in which she describes her experience at a predominantly white summer program. She has also received 2 honorable mentions for the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards. A four year mentee in the writing and mentoring program, Girls Write Now, she has had her poetry published in the annual Girls Write Now anthology. Her writing explores social justice issues, feminism and sexism. Today, when she isn’t fulfilling her editorial duties for the Rampage, she serves on the editorial board of the feminist blog thefbomb.org and is a free-lance writer at Teen Voices for Women’s Enews. She hopes to major in biomedical engineering and minor in journalism when she gets to college. 


Carol Cooper- PEN Adviser/Editor

CAROL COOPERCarol Cooper co-advises the MCSM Newspaper Club with Assistant Principal Winchester.
​Miss Cooper has been a professional journalist since 1979. She is an Associate Member of the international writer’s organization PEN America, which runs the yearly World Voices Literary Festival in New York City. Living in Harlem, she has written critical and investigative essays for various publications, including: Rolling StoneLatin New YorkEssence MagazineElleThe New York TimesNewsday, and The Village Voice.



Vinzente Fedele- Copy Editor

I am a copy editor of MCSM RamPage and part of the graduating class of 2016. I edit for the RamPage because I love grammar, and I wanted something interesting to do with my time other than school work. As a member of the Advanced Science Research (ASR) Program, I am very interested in neuroscience, and I look forward to working with a mentor who shares the same fascination for the brain as I do.


Yeritza Mejia – Book Reviewer/Freelancer/Leader of the Spanish Rampage

YERITZAYeritza Mejia is a junior at MCSM. She is a book and movie reviewer, and sometimes she contributes to the creative writing section of the newspaper. Her middle name is Esperanza and her last name is Reyes. Both last names come from her mother, but her middle name came from the mother of her father. She loves writing and her dream is to someday find one of her novels in a library or book store. One of her idols is the novelist Alexandra Adornetto who wrote her first novel at 14 years old! One of her hobbies is modeling. She studies at Mundo Hispano Modeling Academy of New York and will graduate in March 2014 from the advanced class after almost 2 years of training.


Oguljennet Kurbandurdyyeva – Freelancer/Short Story Writer

jennetMy name is Jennet. I traveled from Europe ,to here in New York . I am a fiction writer. I usually write my stories about psychology, love and World War 2. The way Americans think is way different from mine. So I decided to share my ideas with you guys. I love to write because when I write, I feel like I am the most freest and happiest person. Classical music is my best friend while I am writing. I hope my stories will give you guys a great way of thinking  from my point of  view.

Cristianel Gil – Photographer 

CHRISTIANMy name is Cristianel and I`m junior at MCSM. I try to help everyone as much as I can so no one would get left out from what they can learn. I am the photographer for MCSM RamPage and I have been taking pictures since January 2014. I have a lot more to learn in the art of photography but I keep getting better every day.


Penda Smith – Poet

pendaHey there! My name is Penda Smith and I am currently in the 11th Grade. I was born and raised in Manhattan. Poetry has always been a passionate way of life for me. It is one of the vital factors that have helped me overcome obstacles that hinder me from achieving my goals. I really hope you enjoy reading my poems as much as I enjoyed writing them.

P.S. : If you are a writer, don’t be afraid to submit your work so all can view it! I love hearing and reading new poems.


Kiara Ventura- Founder


Eighteen year old Kiara Ventura is a young aspiring journalist who was raised in the Bronx and is currently a college bound freshman at NYU. In 2011, she wrote forYCteen magazine in which her article calledUsername:Hater was featured in the book ,Vicious. Her aim as a journalist is to tell stories that make people think about social issues, and then view the world differently once they are done reading. In the summer of 2012, she worked with the NYU Urban Journalism Workshop, where she won the “Best Enterprising Award” on her articles involving the LGBTQ community. With determination and passion, Kiara Ventura strived to start her school’s first online newspaper. Along with her big curly hair and a pen in hand, Kiara plans to climb up the slippery ladder of life’s challenges to ultimately reach everlasting success.