Recruiting Writers for the 2016-17 School Year!


 This September the MCSM Rampage will be recruiting new staffers for our Newspaper Club.  Incoming freshmen are particularly encouraged to come to our weekly meetings, meet our editors and ask questions of fellow writers.  In three short years the MCSM Rampage has become a vital part of student life at our school, and many academic advantages are attached to participating. In the past, English teachers have agreed to give extra credit to students who get their work published in the Rampage. Also, the wide range of writing styles we publish attract positive attention from college admissions boards.  While we encourage investigative reporting, teacher or student interviews, arts reviews, opinion essays, and advice columns, we have also published poetry and short fiction. The MCSM Rampage is only as good and creative as the people who write for it, so we encourage any student who has something insightful or creative to say to join the Newspaper Club!


Next year our editors will be particularly looking for people with ideas for lifestyle and special “school event” columns.  In the past we have run Science & Technology Columns, Beauty Columns, College Prep Columns, Music Columns, Food Columns,  Movie Reviews, Book Reviews, Teacher Profiles, Student Government Reports, and reports on other school clubs or events.  Writing for the Rampage is a fun way to strengthen your present writing skills while letting all our readers learn what the MCSM community  is doing and thinking.  Our first two meetings in September are especially good days for potential new writers to check us out, and these after-school meetings will be announced in advance by flyer and PA announcements.  We look forward to seeing you there!!!!

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