MUSIC: Revisiting “Lemonade”

      By Aaron Jackson As I’m typing this, it has been about 5 months since Beyoncé Giselle Knowles-Carter  single-handedly ended every single social injustice ever to plague this disgusting earth. With just the simple swing of a bat and the flip of her middle finger, Beyoncé sent misogynoir along with its lackeys –scuttling […]

STUDENT TRAVEL: A Research Trip to Senegal

  By Haby Sondo “Na’nga def. Mangi tudd Haby Sondo. Mangi American la. Senegal neek la.” The phrases above translate into: “Hello/How are you? My name is Haby Sondo. I am American. Senegal is nice.”   These little bits of Wolof (the native language of the Wolof people) were pieces I attempted to use as […]

Your Ultimate Test Guide: SAT vs. ACT

  By Shumaya Islam      As a current junior at MCSM, I am personally attempting to balance my normal school work with preparing for the upcoming standardized tests—best known as the SAT and the ACT.  When I first started planning my study guide, all I knew was that the SAT and the ACT were required tests […]

Goodbye, Scaffolding!

Have you noticed something missing from the front of our lovely school?  That’s right, after almost 3 years the heavy green scaffolding meant to facilitate roof repairs and protect students from falling debris has been taken down!       We first noticed workmen removing the protective structure on October 5th, and now the full […]

Club Fair 2016 ! ! !

        This year’s after-school Club Fair took place on October 5th in the MCSM cafeteria. Students in search of fun extracurricular activities had plenty to choose from during this Wednesday afternoon event. Dozens of club leaders and faculty advisers made themselves available to talk to new and returning students about joining all […]