SPORTS: Inside the JV Girls Basketball Team!

By Osasere Imade

Here at Manhattan Center for Science and Mathematics we have a variety of sports. One sport that I am personally fond of is basketball. I am currently on the junior varsity team and so far it’s been a rollercoaster; not only for me, but also for other players on the team who have their own feelings about the ups and downs of being high school athletes.

Besides myself, another teammate I would like to mention is Amira Mefire, who is currently a sophomore and also played on the team last year.  Amira Mefire is number 33, and her position is power forward on the junior varsity team. I interviewed her to ask two important questions that I had been wondering about. The first question was: Is it harder being on the team this year as a sophomore than it was being on the team last year?
“It’s a little bit challenging,” she replied, “because I’m taking classes like Chemistry which require me to study a lot for the tests. So if I have a test the next day, as soon as I get home after doing everything else I have to do, I study. Even before this year it was still hard as a freshman, but I’m still on the team.”
The second question I asked Amira was: Do you think you’ll be able to play varsity next year? She had to admit it was difficult to respond to this question.
“Honestly, I really don’t know, because varsity is really hard and you have to be good. So it depends,” she says. “Maybe if my grades are perfect, then sure.  But for now I can’t really say.”
Overall, the interview I had with Amira was very helpful for me, even though I am already on the team. Personally, although I am not a sophomore yet, I also struggle with being on the team. I know every player must always do their best, but at first I didn’t think my best was good enough. Luckily, our junior varsity coach, Ms. Tingson, was able to make me believe I could be a successful part of this team. Even though we suffered a major loss in our first game this year, I’m glad I am on the junior varsity team because basketball is something I like to do.
I discovered that learning to cope with a demanding mix of basketball and school responsibilities wasn’t too hard for me to handle. It was just a matter of carefully managing my time and making sure all my assignments were done. Wanting to be on this team actually helped me develop these time-management skills, which may develop further the longer I stay with the team.
Playing junior varsity basketball has been a good experience so far. Luckily we won our next game after our first big loss, but it’s because we improved. That’s what I enjoy most about playing with the team…our potential for improvement.

So, if you have an interest in basketball and want to see if you can make the team, ask Mr. Weinfield for a physical form and try out next year. Even if you’re not into basketball you should still try out … if only for a chance to discover more about yourself.  Who knows where the inspiration of good sportsmanship, teamwork and increased self confidence will lead you?

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