Beauty: Why Hair Porosity Matters


By Azizat Sadiq

The three types of natural hair porosity levels are low, normal, and high porosity.  Natural hair porosity is not determined by what hair type you have. It is determined by whether your hair accepts or declines moisture easily and quickly. Low, normal, and high porosity hair are often handled differently.


There are ways you can test whether you have low,normal, or high porosity hair. First you must make sure that you hair is absolutely clean with no products in it. To begin the test you have to fill a glass cup with room-temperature water. Then, you take a piece of your freshly washed hair and place it into the water gently. After about 10 minutes, you should check on the cup. If your hair remains at the top it’s low porosity, if it says at the middle it is normal porosity, and if it stays at the bottom then it’s high porosity.

A second test is to check how quickly your hair dries after you wash it. After washing your hair don’t towel dry it. Allow 1 hour to pass, and if your hair is completely dried and feels unmoisturized, then you most likely have high porosity natural hair. If your natural hair is mostly dried, but still has some parts that are wet, then you have normal porosity hair. If your hair is still mostly wet after the hour has passed, you mostly likely you have low porosity natural hair.

Low Porosity Natural Hair

Low porosity natural hair has tightly compressed cuticles (the outer cellular layer of a hair), which does not allow moisture in and out of our hair easily. It even takes a little longer for low porosity hair to get fully wet. However, low porosity hair is considered healthy. Low porosity hair is prone to product build up, therefore it is advised that those with low porosity hair should avoid putting many different products on their hair. It is also suggested that those with low porosity hair avoid putting protein in their hair.

Normal Porosity Natural Hair

Normal porosity natural hair allows moisture to enter the hair easily, without it exiting quickly. The natural hair cuticles are looser and hair holds moisture for a good amount of time. Normal porosity hair is easily maintained and hold styles well.

High Porosity Natural Hair

High porosity natural hair allows moisture to enter as easily as it allows it to exit. Its hair cuticles are opened widely and contain holes and gaps. It is prone to getting tangled and frizzy in humid weather. It can get dry quickly, so it has to be continuously moisturized.

Try out the two tests listed above and figure out what natural hair porosity you have, so you can adjust your hair care routine to your best advantage.  Good Luck!

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