The Newspaper Club Visits “Teen Vogue”!



By The Rampage Staff

This March, the staff of the MCSM Rampage is invited to visit the Conde Nast publication Teen Vogue.  If you have been watching Twitter, Instagram, or other online news feeds, you will know that Teen Vogue has been getting a lot of attention and praise lately for their political blogs and feminist online commentary.  The smart, young, and culturally diverse editorial staff who work there are changing the way the consumer press serves and thinks about teenagers. They are dedicated to bringing an intelligent, critical attitude to the coverage of fashion, beauty, politics, and current events in their pages.

Rampage reporters will get a tour of the Teen Vogue offices, and an opportunity to sit with some of their editors and discuss how the magazine is put together, what they look for in new writers, how they decide what stories to cover, future job opportunities, and the role of print journalism in the 21st Century.

If you are not on the Rampage staff but would like to join us on this half-day trip, speak to Ms. Chiavola or Ms. Cooper about being put on our waiting list. If a regular staffer can’t go, another student may take their place.  Space is limited, so Rampage staffers are urged to return their signed permission slips to Ms. Chiavola as soon as possible!