SPORTS: The NYPD v. MCSM Invitational Basketball Game

NYPD vs. Manhattan Center for Science and Mathematics Basketball Game

The 25th Precinct all-star team alongside Manhattan Center’s male and female varsity players.

On February 10th, 2017, officers from the 25th precinct of New York City’s Police department graced the gym of Manhattan Center to play intense group games of basketball with Manhattan Center’s amazing Basketball Team!

Not only does the 25th precinct serve MCSM’s surrounding neighborhood, but they are also one of the local police departments that has promoted a female officer to serve as captain. Because we are a high school that trains young women for many careers that were once restricted to men, we not only respect Captain Walsh’s community service, but also recognize her as an additional role model for all our future female engineers, scientists, and theoretical mathematicians!


Krystal Ogando, Manhattan Center Student and assistant to vice principal Denise Winchester, takes a moment to confer with Captain Walsh of the 25th Precinct.


Meeting on the neutral ground of a basketball court is one of the best ways to get to know your neighborhood police officers, and everyone thoroughly enjoyed watching both teams display enthusiastic sportsmanship.

We received the opportunity to speak to one of the star players on the Junior Varsity team, Kylah Brantley on the significance of the event.

She found out about the event through her coach who told her the team that they were going to be playing basketball against was the NYPD! When asked how it felt to play against them she responded “It was scary because one of the officers, he was like 6’5.”

Kylah Brantley attempts to score for MCSM.


Kylah felt like it felt better to play against these officers than against regular high school players. “It’s [real] competition” she said. “ I feel like playing with them was a better experience because you’re not playing within your own age group. You’re playing with people who have experience playing basketball.”

Kylah was grateful for this opportunity– “ It taught me how to better learn how my opponents play. And it gave me a better feel for how to approach playing people who have a higher skill level than me.”


Kylah on the court.

The following is a list of the participating players.

Officer Beecham
Officer Abbondola
Officer Jordan
Officer De La Cruz
Officer Garcia
Officer David
Officer Paul
Officer Ferer
Det. Clark
Officer Campbell
Officer Portero
Officer Jones

Kylah Brantley
Tahira Woods
Pathea Bruno
Kimberly Barr
Rasheka Luffing
Kiya Floyd

Cheikhouna Diop
Alassane Camara
Williz Castro
Amir Assani
Prince DeVega
Xavier Pinnock


He shoots … and hopefully he scores!



● Khouna Made the first shot of the game. (Playing with half time ‘amount’) It was a lay-up.
● Williz made a pass to Khouna and Khouna ended up doing a 2 pointer lay-up.
● One NYPD officer “travelled” earning a 3 second violation.
● Later on the girls Varsity girls team sub-in for the boys Varsity against the NYPD.
● Kayla missed a shot that was wide open.
● Kimberly tripped on her own feet, causing the NYPD to take the ball and make a 3 pointer!
● Nancy hits the layup for the team.
● One tall NYPD player attempted to make the game more interesting. He would hold the ball really high to the point where if the girls were to jump they wouldn’t be able to catch the ball. It was pretty funny because one or two girls (Kimberly or Kaylah) tried jumping for it and Nancy tried to block him while this happened.
● Shortly thereafter the NYPD officer passes the ball to his teammate and they end up making another 3 pointer!


The police officers anticipate a rebound.
Both teams regroup.




Our gym teacher, Mr. Fabian, gives a word of advice.