ART: A Look at the 2017 Whitney Biennial


By Karla Davis

The Whitney Museum’s new biennial exhibition has people talking. This special show lets the mind run wild in the fields of imagination as it offers fresh artwork; be it sculpted, digital, or hand drawn. Once you enter this exhibition, you are sure to be hooked, and leave with a thirst to see more!

Here are a few images of what the Whitney Museum’s new Biennial exhibition looks like.



This work is by the two artist, Kerstin Brastsh and sculptor Debo Eilers,  a/k/a  KAYA.  Entitled SERENE: Processione (ALIMA). KAYA’s work exists at the intersection of painting, sculpture and performance, evoking religious parades and pageantry.



This work by the artist Puppies Puppies is called Liberty (Liberté). Inside of the Statue of Liberty costume is a mannequin. This work is referencing street performers and people who dress up in the Statue of Liberty costume “selling photo opportunities to tourists in New York” (



This is a work by artist Larry Bell, called Pacific Red II. For people that have followed his previous work wherein he inserted a square piece of glass into a painting entitled”Ghost Box,” it should come as no surprise to see Larry using his years-old laminating techniques. This work in particular consists of six laminated glass tubes which fit well with its urban surroundings.



This work is by artist John Riepenhoff, titled Handler. This work pays respect to the “invisible schemes/plots of the art world.”Each sculpture is made of legs that are composed of papier-mâché; and on top of the legs is artwork from other artists.



Here, and below, are three components of the unified artwork by artist Samara Golden titled “The Meat Grinder’s Iron Clothes.” In this work Samara plays around with space and perspective. She disassembles interior architecture and creates illusions with reflective surfaces.



Samara uses handmade sculptures of furniture and other everyday objects to showcase a “seemingly conflicting” environment: “a penthouse apartment, an image of aspirational wealth, a middle-class home full of art projects and plants…”(



Here Samara displays what looks like a hospital bed framed by strange curtains.



The artist Ajay Kurian has an installation throughout the Whitney’s main staircase. This specific work is titled “Childermass: The Frogs.” This collection has a surreal and nightmarish theme. Characters included in the installation are part animal and part human, or part machine and part human.

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