Letter from 2017-2018 Co-Editor: Aaron Jackson

Hi! My name is Aaron and I’m the Rampage’s co-editor for the upcoming school year. Currently I’m a senior at MCSM and while my personal long term goals (as well as what I hope to be doing in the future) are a cluster of “what ifs” and “maybes,” just know that I do have aspirations and I’m not completely lost at life. I’m obsessed with all mediums and methods of creativity; with my favorite being visual art and music.  I also consider myself to be a very socially conscious person.  Although I don’t think this is my defining characteristic, I do think it’s worth mentioning.


I’ve been a part of the newspaper club since my sophomore year (2015) and I have thoroughly enjoyed my time here. I write mostly about entertainment and pop culture, but every now and then to show that I’m not as shallow as I seem, I write the occasional op-ed on various social issues.


Since I am going to be partially in charge this year, I think it’s important to mention some guidelines about how we function. As a publication, we do our best to put out an online issue filled with a diverse selection of pieces each month. We look forward to all staffers collaborating and brainstorming ideas for each issue (and the club as a whole), so even if you can’t stay for an entire meeting, it is important that members come at least twice a month. And if you are unable to do so every now and then, please feel free to communicate with us via text or email regarding any issues you may have.


While I’m on the topic of communication – if you want, you can reach me at: a.g.jackson128@gmail.com anytime after school and on the weekends.


Lastly, regarding my goals and hopes for this upcoming school year, I would just like to see each of our writers being able to develop their skills as well as seeing that improvement being brought into the publication. I look forward to our writers being able to write freely and not feel limited in what they can bring to each issue. And more specifically, I think it’d be kinda cool if we had a comic section as well as a beauty and fashion column.

Well I’ve rambled on enough. If anything that I’ve said has resonated with you or even remotely sparks your interest, please feel free to stop by the writing center on Monday afternoons, and check us out!

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