Letter from Your 2017-2018 Editor in Chief


The Newspaper Club Mission is to improve student life and school unity by celebrating the academic, creative, and extracurricular activities of our faculty and students. As responsible journalists our goal is to promote positive stories.


My name is Karla Davis. I am a senior at MCSM and I am from the Dominican Republic. I aspire to be a journalist, a photographer, a photojournalist, a graphic designer, a curator, and/ or an author. I have been in the Newspaper Club since my freshman year at MCSM.
The newspaper for me has been a helpful outlet for the fear and stress of being in high school, and just the simple stress of “living.” This club has helped me meet students and teachers that I would not otherwise have met. My confidence has also improved, which has enabled me to take risks and join many programs outside of school. One of those programs was hosted by the Whitney Museum. I started there during the Spring of my sophomore year. The program was a semester long commitment during which I met with an artist and worked with them to create a piece of art to be presented to a group of people at the end of the semester.
Since then, I have done two other programs at the Whitney Museum, and am now enrolled in a year-long paid internship with the museum, where I’ll be working with a team of teens to plan and curate events for other teens and families who visit the museum.


As one of your new editors, my goals are to assign a wide range of articles, to meet and encourage many different people, and to help all newspaper staffers to enjoy their time in the newspaper club.
Attendance at weekly newspaper meetings is mandatory for club members unless editors are notified in advance by text or email. During meetings we will discuss story ideas, current events, various writing styles and more.
If you love to write, consider joining the staff of our school paper. The best times to contact me about newspaper business are during meetings and after school. If writers are having trouble with stories, pictures, edits, or if writers have a constructive comment , I may also be contacted by email: Karla.davis290@gmail.com.


My hope for the Rampage in the coming year is for students in MCSM to be well informed about the school and the world they live in. New things I hope to write or encourage other staffers to write are sports articles, poems, fashion/art articles and more. I look forward to making the Newspaper Club both fun for writers and educational for readers. Together we can make this year’s newspaper truly special!

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