By Gabriella Badmos

Blurry, like a camera
Focused like a student
“Are you new to this?”
Man, I’m used to it
Just tryin go through with it

“Have you heard this?”
This ain’t working
Let me put it down, flip it, and reverse it

Focused like a camera
Blurry like a student
“Are you used to this?”
Man, I’m new to this
Just trying to act like I’m cool with it

I’m not cool with it
But I’m using it
Leave me alone, and let me do this, sis

School is a zoo
The world is a jungle
Some people see it through
The unlucky may fumble

Those who fell
Came back taller…
Like someone being pulled out of deep water

They can finally breathe
They aren’t judged by looks
But finally, what’s found beneath.

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