POETRY: “To say is not to know . . .”

By Rainery Flores

It’s stupid to say I care,
But the word “care” doesn’t have as much power to express the feelings I’ve wasted on you.

It’s stupid to say I worry,
But to “ worry” doesn’t portray
the boxed-up emotions I’ve put away, Night after day,
Waiting for you to bestow upon me the words
I’ve been searching for since the day I found out you lied to me.

It’s stupid to say I wonder,
Because “wonder” doesn’t convey the amount of energy lost
due to opened eyes at night.
My mind left running to conclusions like Usain Bolt runs on the track.
Running to conclusions… because that’s what I know how to do best.
Running to conclusions because as a female, set in this generation, that’s all it’s claimed we’re good for.
Running—physically I’m incapable of such a thing—but mentally I’m unstoppable.

I guess the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.
This time it just fell at a different angle.

See, the difference between you and I is that you were able to run in a 400-Meter dash after that medal.
But I’d run even before I knew if I were in an actual race to begin with.

They say I’m the spitting image of you.
To some it’s a compliment,
To me it’s as if you don’t know me or
Better yet—you don’t know him…


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