Letter from 2017-2018 Co-Editor: Aaron Jackson

Hi! My name is Aaron and I’m the Rampage’s co-editor for the upcoming school year. Currently I’m a senior at MCSM and while my personal long term goals (as well as what I hope to be doing in the future) are a cluster of “what ifs” and “maybes,” just know that I do have aspirations […]

Letter from Your 2017-2018 Editor in Chief

  The Newspaper Club Mission is to improve student life and school unity by celebrating the academic, creative, and extracurricular activities of our faculty and students. As responsible journalists our goal is to promote positive stories.   My name is Karla Davis. I am a senior at MCSM and I am from the Dominican Republic. I […]

2016-2017 Staff Bios

2016-2017 Co-Student Editors (See full bios in Sept 2016 Letters From Your Editors post) Karla Davis—Staff Reporter My name is Karla Davis. I am from the Dominican Republic, and I aspire to be a journalist and/or an author. I have been in the Newspaper Club since my freshman year at MCSM. The newspaper for me […]

Goodbye, Scaffolding!

Have you noticed something missing from the front of our lovely school?  That’s right, after almost 3 years the heavy green scaffolding meant to facilitate roof repairs and protect students from falling debris has been taken down!       We first noticed workmen removing the protective structure on October 5th, and now the full […]

Letters From Your New Student Editors

  My name is Deborah Robinson. I am a senior at MCSM, and I first joined the newspaper staff in September 2015, the beginning of my Junior year. As a staff reporter my main interests were writing about anything I was given to write. I didn’t have a specific thing that I liked to write about so I was given assignments […]

Recruiting Writers for the 2016-17 School Year!

 This September the MCSM Rampage will be recruiting new staffers for our Newspaper Club.  Incoming freshmen are particularly encouraged to come to our weekly meetings, meet our editors and ask questions of fellow writers.  In three short years the MCSM Rampage has become a vital part of student life at our school, and many academic […]

College of the Month: Hampshire College/ Scholarship of the Month: Superpower Scholarship

By Keisha Aboagye Hampshire College is a private liberal-arts college, located in Amherst, Massachusetts. Its rural setting houses 1,400 undergraduates. Opened in 1970, it was an experiment in alternative education. Hampshire College is a part of the five college consortium, which includes Smith College, Mount Holyoke College, University of Massachusett,s Amherst, and Amherst College. The […]

Mr. Ayala’s Memorial Service

    By Dwayne Dennis As many of you already know, our beloved SPARK Counselor (and more), Mr. John Ayala, passed away during the summer.  He was an anti- drug counselor for students who were unknowingly walking into the wrong path and also taught us about the dangers of drug and alcohol abuse. For many, he was […]


The following clubs will be recruiting new members during the MCSM Club Fair : ACE 2 Astronomy Club Build-On Cheerleading Chinese Culture Crochet Double-Dutch Club Drama Female Fitness Futsal Gay-Straight Alliance Girls` Soccer Club Greenhouse Group Fitness Club Math Team MCSM Improv Club Model United Nations Music Club Muslim Student Association Oppa Noona Red Cross […]

Letter from the Editor

Dear MCSM Students, Welcome to the 2013/2014 edition of The MCSM Rampage! We are currently looking for writers interested in the following columns, cultural reviews, or feature stories: · School Events: Do you love attending school events such as our multicultural festival, talent/fashion shows, parties, club events and more? Are you interested in reporting these […]