Science: How “Ball Mills” Create Better, Faster Chemical Reactions

Dr. James Mack in his lab.   By Fariha Fawziah Tony Mack (who is an 8th grader), and his father James Mack (who is a chemist at the University of Cincinnati), had a race to prepare a mix of stilbene molecules to make dyes. However, both were using different preparation methods. Dr. Mack was heating […]

Beauty: Why Hair Porosity Matters

  By Azizat Sadiq The three types of natural hair porosity levels are low, normal, and high porosity.  Natural hair porosity is not determined by what hair type you have. It is determined by whether your hair accepts or declines moisture easily and quickly. Low, normal, and high porosity hair are often handled differently. There […]

Inside The World of Advanced Science Research

  By Shumaya Islam The Advanced Science Research Program (better known as ASR) is an important academic option at MCSM. However, when I asked fellow students about the program it seemed to me that many students were not aware of any insider details. By interviewing Fariha Syeda, a second-year ASR student and also a fellow […]

Dressing for Halloween…A Scientific Solution

By Shinelle Black Time is the enemy of all men.  That statement is in no way relevant to the content of this article, yet it accurately depicts how I feel the initial days following October 31st, every year. Halloween, a day more prized, exalted, celebrated, acknowledged, and recognized than my own birthday, (or Christmas, Thanksgiving, […]

SCIENCE: Plants, Sunlight, and Global Warming

By Marvin Agyen   This September, a study in California showed that plants with too much sunlight won’t survive very long,  After wanting to see if plants could combat global warming, the scientists simulated a 30+ year time skip with the effects of global warming, and the results are much worse than expected.   Too much […]

MUSIC: Revisiting “Lemonade”

      By Aaron Jackson As I’m typing this, it has been about 5 months since Beyoncé Giselle Knowles-Carter  single-handedly ended every single social injustice ever to plague this disgusting earth. With just the simple swing of a bat and the flip of her middle finger, Beyoncé sent misogynoir along with its lackeys –scuttling […]

GRADUATION 2015: Final College Story of The Month!

By Keisha Aboagye As the end of the school year rolls around, seniors feel a major sense of relief. They have sent in all of their college applications and are now awaiting their final acceptance letters. Seniors are thrilled about being through with the tedious, dreadful college application process. Many students of Class of 2015 have […]

TECH COLUMN: The Importance of Twitter in Our Lives

By Chimdi Alagor Although some may dismiss Twitter as a place where people air their most frivolous thoughts, few can argue that it has not had a significant impact on our world, no matter how undeveloped it is. In spite of the 140-character word limit, Twitter has managed to change the way we communicate in a […]

Latino Rampage: Volumen 2

EJERCICIOS PARA HACER EN CASA DURANTE EL INVIERNO Por Benny Ogando En medio de un clima extremadamente frío y constantes batallas contra la naturaleza, muchos de nosotros no queremos hacer nuestro viaje diario la escuela, y mucho menos al gimnasio. Pues aqui les tenemos una ofertaexclusiva de ejerciciospararealizar en casa. Muchos de los ejercicios de […]

The MCSM Advantage

By Carol Cooper           Early on Wednesday, March 19th an overflow crowd of potential new freshmen and their parents filled the MCSM auditorium to discover why they should choose the Manhattan Center for Science and Mathematics over other competitive magnet high schools they qualify to attend. Out of the thousands of New York teens who applied […]

OPINION: Hypermasculinity

by Roberta Nin Feliz              Meanwhile, women are expected to learn how to cook, clean and be good housewives. Although there has been encouragement for women to have careers and not just be housewives, the need for them to be able to perform excellent housekeeping chores has not changed.             It puzzles me as to why we […]

Punk in Africa: Three Chords, Three Countries, One Revolution

[A new music documentary by Peligroso Productions, Meerkat Media and Bohemian Lion; distributed by]    Website:     If you only buy one DVD this spring, you might want to consider buying Punk in Africa;  which chronicles the secret history of how young musicians in South Africa, Mozambique, and Zimbabwe helped support social change in their […]