NEED ADVICE…? Ask X,Y,Z! (March Edition)

Q: Are there any paid internships available? How do I find them? X Responds:  There are many paid internships available, but unfortunately I do not have a list. I believe the best way to find them is to ask around or do your own research. I know sometimes school administrators post flyers about internships or […]

Got Questions? “ASK X,Y,Z!”

  Welcome to the MCSM Advice Column! Students can ask our XYZ columnists for help by emailing us at Don’t worry, all questions and replies are kept anonymous! Each month our advice experts will respond to the 3 or 4 best questions or problems submitted. Dear XYZ: How do I stop procrastinating? X responds: […]

Dear XYZ, How can I get good grades?

Dear XYZ, How can I get good grades? -Anonymous X says: “Organization, tutoring and studying. Those are the main tactics that will help you succeed. Learn to be organized. This can help you learn more easily, and will make your work more legible. Take advantage of after-school tutoring. Your teachers want to help you so […]